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Naked And Famous Reverse Fade at one month.   Looking California feeling Minnesota. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say a word. Please, my feeling are very fragile right now. I just found out I have been paying to much for car insurance.  
You gave your jeans a little character. 
@ mikey. I think you missed the point of having raw denim. You pay a premium for good jeans, say around 150 to 250 for this forum, and the idea is to wear them for as long as you can to get good fades and honey combs (the fades on the back of the knee area). If you wash them to soon the time you spent on the jeans will be wasted. Meaning, the fades will be weak or worse. So now you will have not got the satisfaction of spending good money on good jeans. I have the feeling...
I would like to make you an offer.
Another thought, put a blowdryer on it and see if it will get very dry and flake off. You could use a sticky lint roller on it while blowing it. Maybe this is what to try first.
I would cold soak them and stay away from soap. After soaking for about 45 min I would pinch and roll that area between my fingers. I would not scrub or brush them. I don't know if this will get all the paste out, but that's what I would do. Another thought I have is this; get that paste area wet then freeze them or use dry ice. When it is frozen see if the paste will crack off. These are things I would try because they are least destructive to the indigo dye. Disclaimer:...
Man I want to wear my 15oz Indigo/Indigos, but I want to break down these Reverse Fades as well. I thought I could keep these RF on for 4 months but I'm not so sure I can do it.
you funny man. LOL and all that.
They are soft and pliable and feel good. The thing is they are covered in a resin that is like a soft paint that makes them not very breathable. 
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