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After a very warm soak they shrank about 1/2 inch. I can't cuff them, but I have enough length for them to look right on me and I'm 5'9". Cold soaking should not shrink them very much if at all.
Well mine were really tight  after the soak, and about a week in they stretched a bunch. Now they are perfect for my taste. I can pull about a 1/4 inch up from the tightest spot. Those Japan Heritage 2 look like a great deal. They would be on my list if I didn't have to many jeans already.
They have gotten soft, they have some areas that are still somewhat stiff. I love the texture.
Here is my experience with Naked and Famous denim. They all shrink a bit, some more than others. I would recommend a warm to medium hot soak. Most people say that sanforized denim will not shrink, that is not true at all. All new denim will shrink. So, an initial soak will not only rid the jeans of starch, (that aids in crotch blow outs) it will shrink them so you fade lines don't move on you later when you wash them. I personally only wash in the tub with little soap,...
I've been wearing the Oni collabs for about a month. These are slow movers, or I'm a slow mover. Does anybody have any fade pics? I'm curious how they could look later on down the road. 
Here is what I found.  
Dude I'm going to have a hard time with those Reverse Fades now that I have theses Oni colabs, but I have give the Reverse Fades another month or so. I had them on for about 2 1/2 months and I can't stop now. I have to much time invested in them to quit. I really like the fit and they are odd, which I also like. The Reverse Fades started out fine, fading pretty quick and then they seemed to slow way down. I have had a few people ask me if they are old Acid Washed jeans....
I sort of did the same thing. I got a good deal on mine at a size 34 WG and they state they are really about 36.5. I'm a 36 and hope they don't shrink to much with a bath soak (I will be wearing them in the tub). My brother had the same situation and wore them wet, he says everything fits great. He said the waist stretched out to fit him perfectly. I'll find out tomorrow if mine treat me right. These jeans feel so cool I don't want to have to buy another pair. They are...
I've had mine on for about 2 months and they are starting to get dirty around the butt. I will use Woolite for Dark Clothes in the tub with warm water and a rag. This shouldn't disturb the white coating to much and turn the dirt loose in the water. That is my plan.    
Naked And Famous Reverse Fade.
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