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Sounds like you have a "First World Problem". Very sad indeed.  
If you love them and they are really cool why don't you just marry them.  
Lacking a better term, that is a reverse fray. The inside of your jeans (weft) got stressed enough to break apart and that's how it looks on the outside. It looks like you double cuff and this is not uncommon for the denim to to react this way. I would not worry about it but that's me. It will get bigger over time though, then you may want to sew it up. 
Yes! They are. Khaki Jeans are hard to find though. No.
I'm not sure which I have. I bought them used with no fading. They were  a very loose cut so I had them taken in a bunch now they are like slim guy cut. They are very slubby and very soft. I like the ONIs feel better. I like the stiffer fabric. 
Has anybody heard anything about the Naked And Famous and Z Cavaricci colab?    I hope they have giant selvage
Correct. I'm doing a rotation. ONIs one week, Franks one week, Back to ONIs, then PBJs. I give the ONIs a week off. I really love those ONIs and I don't want them to rag out to fast.
I took some neat macro shoots of my....?  What are they?        
    The start to look like Acid Washed jeans. They move pretty quick. I love them, but I moved to N&F Oni's.
Yes. a lot. What need you? 
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