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I dig your custom thread work. Very cool.
This is not a Leg. Naked and Famous Big Slub. 1 Soak before I even eat.
Yes, Jinx, I kiss girls with my mouth open.
Your'e from Arizona, you know nothing. Shut it. 
I am the night rider!
Naked And Famous Big Slub. Getting ready for the 2 yER CON test.   Do these jeans make my act look bigger? 1 count Amnesty. Starts April 1 2013. 
Here is a very special pair of denim. These were specifically made for me to win the WHDC contest. The fabricator wants to remain anonymous, because they are made from very rare cotton. More importantly, many peoples live were put in jeopardy because of the dangerously low tension used in the making of these jeans. Valhalla Cotton™ is pretty hard to grow to say the least. Seven months out of the year the ground is covered in ice and snow, but the hot spring blows over...
I have about 4 pairs of N&F, both Weird Guy and Skinny Guy. I have not had a problem with crotch on either style. I guess I'm a weird guy.
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