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Ahh, Thank you?
That dude has been messing with me for a year. He is a troll to me and I don't know why. It could have been much worse. The lesson is what goes around comes around. Don't be creeped out by me, I'm not a creep. Really.   Plus, anybody can be a dick if they hide behind a wall. I have nothing to hide, I post photos of myself, I not ashamed of who I am. I'm not young, so what, we all will be old one day. He should post some photos of himself so others can treat him how he...
I want your shirt. send me your info.
Oh. Not even close to what Dorje eluded to.
She's dead.
What is dp?
HC-SF-104 Naked And Famous Big Slub Fit Shot     I don’t always move, but when I do I use my feet.
So I was poking around in SF site and I got to my settings and looked a little deeper and you know what I found out? When I joined that forum and started posting, I noticed that no matter what I posted or responded to you would vote me down. I know you did not like the Redcore jeans and I could sort of understand voting that down, but every post about them was voted down. Then when I would ask a serious question, or respond to someone else, you would vote that down too....
Haha, yes. Umm, no. Wait, what?
HC-SF-104 Art 00001   Naked And Famous Big Slub     As they got ready for bed he thought.. "What has he gotten us into?"
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