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What didn't like about them? Are you the ass master deluxe, or a critical taster's choice? Do you like the fit of another mans jean very often? 
Thank you. fwiw, "Not that bad a fit, Mister56 is just a hefty guy.".
☝ Haha. You'll have to try harder than that. 
HC-SF-104 Wild Game Cook Out Art Shots 004 Naked And Famous Big Slub Last weekend I had a few of my favorite things. Crawfish, a huge thunder storm, moonshine cherries, Naked and Famous denim, then barking spiders.   My pants got very moist. Crawfish brains, mud, and the bird.
HC-SF-104 Beer near me Art Shot 002 Naked And Famous Big Slub  
I dig it. I want about 3 of them styles.
I'm ok.  I like weird guys by Naked And Famous. 
To me this is an art type shot. I like short stories. Most of what I write are  Allusions, some are not. Yes I'm odd. I think people should should like me for who I am. If not that's cool, I have lots, and mean lots of real friends. Please just be amused, if you dislike like odd.
HC-SF-104 Heavy Weight Denim Championships Naked And Famous Big Slub 1st Challenge. Wearing your Heavy Denim you must either recreate your favorite movie poster and post the picture, or film a recreation of a clip from your favorite movie and post it up. Here it is.  
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