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I was joking. Haha very funny.
⍐ Yeah they definitely look like 17oz to me. 
We agree on most of it. Cool. Your'e right about agitating, that is what causes indigo to break free from the denim. I still believe hot water will shrink cotton. 
I searched for a photo of the Ele#3. I didn't come up with anything but Ele#2 pics. Has anybody seen the #3s?
You are a very lucky man!
This thread has always been very snarky with me and other new people. I try to fit in. I just wrote a very good post, at least I thought it was good, and I get no response. Anyway, Lets try to be nice to me, ok?   Does it get very humid in MD? Houston is very humid and very hot. About 8 months out of the year you get that good old swamp feeling. The type of heat that when you walk outside it feels like your swimming in a giant butt crack at curves workout camp.
Let me try and get this forum going in the right direction. Hopefully I will generate some constructive dialogue.   Here is what I have learned about raw denim through reading many articles from many diverse sites.   1. All cotton will shrink. Unsanforized more than sanforized. Washing in a machine shrinks more than soaking. Hot soaking will shrink more than cold water soaking and keep more indigo on your jeans.   I always soak my new denim sanforized or not....
⤴ Sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
I'm sorry. You sound like a real nice guy. Do you have any fit pictures, that I might learn something from you? Also, what's the best way to not sound like a dick when commenting on other peoples fits. I like to be criticized as much as the next guy, but at the end of the day if you don't offer any helpful information your just being a cunt punter. Just saying. 
Finally someone who gets me. It's tough having a very small ass and big stomach muscles with a common leg size for a man of my stature. I love walking outside and it shows. One leg at a time friends.
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