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Haha and LOL. Stretch jeans are usually for chunky brothers. I see this style huffing out of Wal-Mart in the nations rust belt. They pair their stretch jeans with a T-shirt with cuss words across the front, and old ass converse high tops. All this, and dirty finger nails from the food soiled and oily game controller.  
HC-SF-104 Naked And Famous Big Slub   Here is a cool macro shot. Would you get a load of that fine detail.   Here is a link to download this shot in different sizes for use as a desktop background.   https://www.dropbox.... Dtop
HC-SF-104 Heavy Weight Denim Championships Naked And Famous Big Slub    
Like you have never seen tits. DORKS!  
I'm just joking you. You're not a douche love child.
Damn, your dad should have kept his zipper up! Hahaha. Lee Jeans wearing swag panty wearing swinger. Hahaha.
Did someone ask for some denim photos with great captions?
Should I Really Wait Six Months To Wash My Jeans?   ...With denim treated like this – yes, you’ll normally need infrequent washings to get a very high-contrast fade at the end.   But what most people don’t talk about is how if you buy a pair of jeans made from unsanforized denim, you’ll get these kinds of fades even if you washed your jeans every two weeks.   I guess people don't talk about it because it is not possible. Also, I would like to know what...
HC-SF-104 Heavy Weight Denim Championships Big Slub by Naked And Famous 1 Month ☆ 8 Days     The gluteus maximus area my not make it to the end of the 2 Year challenge. Jimmy Christ! Some cool crumple zones on the lower leg area. The potential is there for some good-natured fades, but will it come to fruition?
I like That color. Do they look as dark as the photo?
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