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These maybe my next 6 month jeans.      
Yes that is me. I thought is was like performance art and cool photography mixed together. Then on top of that you got to see the slow process of denim coming to life. At lest that was my idea of what I was doing. I really enjoyed doing it. Now I'm ready to do it again. You think like me. I like to see something new and different. I have no problem wearing white jeans for 6 months, but the thing is if I do it, I have to start now because those pants have no breathability....
I think I will but what is your reason.
  Japan Heritage is close. Made mostly the same way too.
        The Franks are a little looser. I love the way they look.
Ok. I will post the Indigos and Franks fit pics. It will take a few minutes.
I think your right. I just wore them for about a day and noticed them losing color in areas. They seem like they will fade pretty fast. Although I want to see what the Franks will do, but I have a feeling they might not fade easily.  Thanks.
No I'm not messing with you. Although from some of my posts I can see why you might think that. These are the jeans that I have: Low Tension, 15oz Indigo/Indigo, Reverse Fade, or Blue Franks? So, as you can see I don't need to buy another pair for a while. I'm just curious what other people think. I mean, it is a serious commitment to me. When I start, they will be on me for at least 5 months, and as you know I like to post pics of the process. So I am serious, what do...
I guess. But what do you think? Which pair do you find most interesting? I would like your input if it is not to much trouble. Thanks for your time and consideration.
Did you read my last post? Can't you help me instead of just thinking of yourself all the time?   What do you think I should start next: Low Tension, 15oz Indigo/Indigo, Reverse Fade, or Blue Franks?   Jeez.
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