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Naked And Famous Reverse Fade.
Naked And Famous Reverse Fade update. White is the Color of snow So pure and free of sin inside a piece of lightening White is the color of a striking bolt of righteousness Worthy of praise the wondrous peril White is the color of an eyeball.  Reverse Fade is the new Punk Rock.
Here Here! Love the weird! stuff.
Who has the nerve to wear white after Labor Day, Who will dare wear white jeans anyway, Who can stand it for at least 4 months. This jerk can and will do it. My personal contest of will and determination. I call on you fine people that have Naked and Famous Reverse Fade jeans to join me. I will put up $75.00 of my own money for best faded pair. I will get someone who is in the jean pool to judge the contest. How bout it? Do you have what it take to be one of the few and...
Gone Gone.
Here is a great way to screw up your pants. What a waste.     http://www.socialclub19.com/2012/09/denim-specialists-demos-how-to-add.html
Please explain what you mean squire. "Half of them" of what is them?
Winter in Houston? It starts to get cool around the end of October and warms back up in Mid March. I may only wear these four 5 months. I just went to the store for groceries and I am a sweat bomb, and I didn't wear a shirt either.
Which is all the more reason to do this. Torcher myself. 
I guess I have to do it then. I just bought the Low Tension jeans in hopes of wearing the shit out of them, but I don't think Reverse Fade got much love. I guess cause there white and plasticy.  
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