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Hello   I've bought myself the Red Wing Work Chukka boots 3141 UK size 9, the boots fit well length wise but the width is a little tight. Will it stretch over time? I am wondering this because it is tight where the leather overlaps for the stitching, not to sure if that part would stretch.    Thanks.       
  My true waist is at 35". Should I be reconsidering what size I should buy? I have never looked into my true waist before. 
Thinking of picking the Weird Guy Greencast from this site.  http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/naked-and-famous-weird-guy-jean-item-10181788.aspx   Are all of the greencast weird guys selvedged? Wondering because this site does not mention it in the description.   About the sizing I am planning on getting size 30, 32" waist but I have not taken stretching into account. Would it be safe to assume a pair of size 29s 31" waist will eventually stretch to fit me...
Hello   Looking into buying my first pair of raw denims. I have been looking at the weirdguy greencast selvedge. I am wearing UK size 32s currently should I be buying size 31 as they will shrink from 33" to 32".  I am not sure if the N&F sizes have already taken shrinking into account.   Thanks for the time and help.  
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