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  I saw these on Saturday - Stunning shoe and for those that don't know 'Moulded Shoe, Inc.' has some amazing treasures! And Ron knows his stuff!
As requested two more pics of the 'special' Pam 21 - pics with thanks by the amazing photographer (and M8) Martin Wilmsen. 
M8 ;-) good to see you too - I see you rocking the new 'icon' 372 !! DerekS - Yes, serious! I'll ask re more pics. 
Some where in that region. They rarely come up for sale, only 60 made. This is the 'watch p0rn' thread after all! ;-)
  Thank you 'Dukes - gdl203' but I can't take the credit for the Pam 21 - I should have mention above it was a M8's at dinner. Great Pam all the same.  'Kaplan' is right 'in stitches' the  PAM000 is a stellar icon and just happens to be the least inexpensive. My 'G' series PAM000 1 of 500 - movement OP1
Something for the weekend - Pam 21 - subtle design - icon - Rolex 618 movement 
Newcomer, what's pedestrian about the movements?  Early Pam models Rolex - Angelus - Eta then moving to Panerai modified Eta - JLC, Lemania, Minerva, FP, GP and just recently the new 'In house' Panerai movements P2002/3000 etc. 
Damien Hirst wearing a understated 'California' dial Pam249.  .
Seriously Panerai have nailed the 'icon' of the brand with the 372 - stunning watch!  HAGWE
  Yes Kid N - I was happy if I got the one - but got two!  Sharp eyes, yes that is the original wallet corner 'logo' imprint on the tip of the second strap.  Finn, strangely from a worn drying wallet i got 'brand new' straps (not much patina) - They actually were/are as good as OEM.  The strap maker using the internal wallet soft leather for the strap 'backing' and the main wallet outer for the outer strap. Its a great way to recycle something like a wallet thats been...
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