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Just came in! I like the personal "enjoy" note, not that enthousiastic about the red PS though, i expected it to be less "flashy"... I'll have to see how that works out
  Thanks for the tip!   Any other locations that I should know of??   I strolled around the Louizalaan last saturday, visited a lot of stores but could barely find decent PS.    FYI: I was in Brussels for an appointment for an MTM suit at Belize, will be ready in 5 weeks and will probably be my first image post on this forum :D
Sorry for double post.   In this thread (or another thread with the same picture) a couple of posts after this picture a user put a link to a store website where you could buy this kind of PS. Anyone able to quickly recall this post/website? Due to firm policy my browser history/cookies/everything is deleted every day otherwise I would have searched there.   Thanks!
I just ordered 4 basic colors from Kent Wang. White, Red, Navy Blue and Yellow. I live in Belgium so I am pretty curious how customs will be treating this order :)   As I am a recently "new" member, anyone else noticed that when you google Pocket Squares and go to images, Spoo pops up :D (looking very slick like usual) ?
Ah so you are the 1%!Just kidding, I work in finance too, fortunately the OWS movement is not as present in Brussels as in NY, London etc..Quote:Originally Posted by DerekScorneliani coat (again) finamore shirt, the incredible invisible tie, lincs khakis IWC FA Jonesand my new pocket square from Mark white lettering it says "Fuck Off" keepin in classy here.Very nice coat!
I like the ensemble, very nice!   Are you a Wall Street guy? Or do OWS people simply target every person looking like a banker?
    Allright, thanks! Without too much flattering, your fits are definitely what I am aiming for, so thanks for the extra information.
    Is the shirt of a certain "type"? Or are all Borrelli shirts standard fitted with high collars? 
  Pbooth and Liam: Thanks for the information, I will look into this as soon as of this weekend. I made an appointment with a "businesswear " (or at least that is what he advertises on his website :) ) tailor who I know is also used by companies such as Deloitte.   I just quickly browsed Charles Tyrwhitt, when I opt for Businesswear I can only select 100% wool as material so I think that is already putting me in the right direction. Also thanks for the tips on the type...
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