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  Awesome tie!
  They're indeed also a shade of light blue (again, I will post better photos asap).   I am 1.78 meter (about 5'10" ?) at 85 kg (around 187).
  I indeed have wider hips (I also have "large" legs in general due to fanatic powerlifting in my early years) so I think that closed quarters work in my advantage.   I like the contrast button, although not very visible on the photos I also have the fourth button hole at the sleeves in another colour. (Unless you are already talking about the sleeves button hole and not the one on the lapel.   The pockets are indeed hacking pockets (I had to google this term :D ) but not...
My first MTM suit from a local Tailor, I will update with better photos once I get home but couldnt resist of doing the SF copyrighted bathroom at work photos. I also went for a FIH for the first time due to the fabric of the tie being a little more "firm" (?). I am also wondering as to why the quality of these pictures is so low, it is a 5 MP camera (I know it's a phone camera but still..)     Little bit tilted..       [[SPOILER]]   Suit: Belize MTM Tie:...
Well, I skipped the postage by using my colleague so total bill was "only" 26. Btw, are there significant differences or points of attention when folding a 100% silk PS (like those above) or a 100% linen (like my kent wangs). The latter ones are much more "firm" and in my opinion therefore easier to fold.. Any tips? Btw Does anyone here use some kind of "clipper" to make sure the PS holds it fold? Just wondering, kinda new to the PS world! Thanks
Asked a colleague to pick up some PS for me when he was in London for business. Just received this in the office:       [[SPOILER]]           I was surprised by how well these PS were packaged, almost have the feeling that accounts for half the price :D
First wayw post, just give it to me straight, I can handle it...   I guess... haha   Pictures are not that clear, taken in the restroom at work. Tie knot could be better but lack of time decided otherwise.   Unbuttoned:     Buttoned (+ attempt to close up, which basically means I just turned the phone :D)   [[SPOILER]]   Suit: Society Tie:Harvey Lewis & Sons Shirt: Harvey Lewis & Sons PS: Suitsupply
  Is her shirt MTM??     Well played Sir F 
  Kent Wang.
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