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That's insane.  I have a tin cloth Cruiser that's lived 40% of the life of yours, and while it's starting to break in, it's nothing like yours.
If you can find one, I like the (discontinued) Large Carry On best for this purpose.
My black cherry GTs are phenomenal.  I've had mine for nearly 6 years, worn them hard, and they look great and have performed phenomenally well.  The quality is there, trust me.
I was gifted the Large Carry On about a year ago.  I came close to returning it, as I already had a MTB.  But I have found that it is an almost-perfect carry-on bag for short trips, nice and compact, but with great storage capacity, and easy to carry on the shoulder or in hand.  It's a shame that Filson has discontinued some of its best bags.
Bows down (let me know when you sell it).
Absolutely beautiful!  You can't fake that patina.  Olive or sage?
^^^Absolutely beautiful.
Send them back?  If you actually wear them, that white stitching will be brown in a matter of weeks, if not days.
Hi, Joe!  Not sure who you are on DWC, but I'm sure I know you  And Lexol really removed color from your Filson leather?  That's crazy, as I consider that stuff to be quite mild, and would think it's an issue with the leather more than the Lexol.
Keep your straps well conditioned-with Lexol, or better yet Obenaufs LP-and they will look new much longer.  That said, I love that brownish fade on the tan Filson bags.
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