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Obenauf's LP is a great product, and will keep your leather conditioned and weather-resistant.  I use it on all my RWs, including my GTs.   I'm partial to the Superfeet insoles in my RW boots.  Relatively inexpensive, do the job as far as comfort goes, and are long-wearing.  I'm use the green Superfeet insoles.
Lightly used (one season) size Medium M65 in very good condition.  This is a mil-spec M65 from one of the original military suppliers.  
I had a newish Seattler cruiser jacket, purchased directly from Filson, with a Made at Filson tag.  I much prefer the classic tags BTW.
Nice job!
Agree.  This is exactly why I use my Medium Field Bag, with an insert, as a camera bag.  No zippers.  It's perfect for a dSLR and a couple of lenses.
^^such a great idea, and it looks perfect.
I'd try blotting the stains with some Oxy Clean.
Hey Naive: please STFU.  Thank you, and happy holidays!
How about the medium field bag?  A bit smaller width- and height-wise.
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