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  +1 I used Joe for shirts many years ago and was quite happy (particularly at the price). I did order a sportcoat from him as well, which was less of a success.
  Interesting. Didn't you recently order suits from Formosa and Ciardi (who is, presumably, cheaper)? Would be interesting to learn your review (albeit in its own thread - I don't want to hijack Greg's action).
 Formosa bespoke is that expensive even in Naples? I imagine with that pricing they're closer to Rubi than the majority of other local operations.
  Someone needs to come to terms with their own issues. I have no idea how 'M&A' can be construed as 'douchey'.
  I got the navy hemp / wool from Delfino. Having that made as a summer coat - 2 flapped-patch pockets with a regular patch breast. Buggy-lined. Cloth looked beautiful, and I'm hopeful that it turns out to be a more versatile cousin of linen. For those of you unfamiliar with Del Fino, it is a very fine Italian merchant (owned by the Marzotto family) - many of the horribly expensive Carnet-labelled cloths sold by Jodek are simply rebadged Del Fino's for the U.S. market.
Does the tux come with a vest?
  First fitting next week.
  Plug for the Delfino hemp - ordered it last time round, and it is great stuff!
FWIW, I do agree that the AS Exclusives are very well made and represent great value. I do, however, think that EG is still better - both in terms of the lasts and the leathers utilized.   That being said, the best shoes on the price / quality / style spectrum remain Vass, and it's nice to see that you're carrying the brand.
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