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I know it's still early days, but any preliminary thoughts on Formosa bespoke?
 Was all set to buy a pair of Studio D'Artisan jeans, but frankly, would much rather give my business to you. Sadly, that white tab is kinda a deal killer for me (too lazy / scared to yank out labels myself). Baron - nope, I was referring to the white tab on the right back pocket,
Ok, thanks :(
Greg – do the 12.5oz. Big John’s really have a white tab on the pocket, or is that just the paper packaging?
I would go w light brown horn. Raw silk is unusual enough w/o you having to jazz it up further w MOP buttons.
I'm not saying this to be snarky, but perhaps you'd find people willing to be more helpful if you'd keep your posts concise and to the point. No multi-paragraph long posts that essentially repeat the same questions over and over. In response to the above, Navy is the obvious choice, with a mid-tan coming second (Grey looks weird in linen imo). Good mills include Solbiati, W. Bill, Harrisons etc. Dugdales sells decent quality linens online. Look for something in the...
I will make it as well - probably Sat.
I am certain this Q has been answered multiple times before, but frankly a search doesn’t yield much (and it’s a very long thread to parse through).   If I wear a 10.5UK in EG 888/82, what would be my correct size in the Meermin New Rey? 10UK?   Thanks, ET
Your selection of ties is very well thought out. Just ordered a few.
I have an SB overcoat from that very fabric - great stuff.
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