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Sorry, Kai - compliments or not, I don't find much to like about that tweed suit. To echo many others before me, the collar gap and coat length on nearly all your B+R suits should be revised. Both simple changes, so hopefully the B+R team can knock'em out easily.
Some beautiful items at a big discount:   Tincati Blow-Out Sale! Never before in Tincati's fifty year history: 60% OFF all in store merchandise! We will be moving out of our townhouse for a new location here in New York. We know supplies won't last and we look forward to...
Tincati - dark brown carpincho:  
Johns & Pegg is a grand old Savile Row name. The famous Scholte learnt his trade as a cutter there. The firm was renowned as a military tailor and, for many years, held the Duke of Edinburgh's royal warrant.   The firm was bought by Davies & Sons, and they still supply garments with the J&P label, if so desired.
I had my shoes made in Vienna (I went for a Norwegian). Pretty sure one of their shoemakers will be there, but perhaps best to shoot them an email to confirm.
If Formosa is committed to making regular NY visits, I would probably be in for a couple of garments. Just want to make sure this doesn’t devolve into a Solito-like situation.
I have been a customer of Budd for the past few years, and it’s worthwhile to note that while their default cut is a bit loose, they are not the slightest bit hesitant to cut a more modern, slim-fitting shirt. None of the ‘take it or leave it’ attitude prevalent across the Row.
 I've found lightweight flannels to lose their shape over the course of a workday, and pill quite easily. They often need to be re-pressed after every 5-6 wears (even though I never wear them on consecutive days, or more than 2x a week). As I mentioned, the three that I own are from Fox and Drapers, so the merchants / mills in question are top-notch. My 15oz. Minnis, in contrast, performs admirably.
 If it's their 11oz. stuff, I fear for you. Regardless of the mill, I have had multiple lightweight flannels from Fox to Draper's perform poorly over time. I'm sticking with 14oz.+ flannels from here on out.
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