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^ John Kent and Malcolm Plews would both disagree with you on that.
FWIW, the guys at Andersons contend that the quality of Breanish tweed has dropped markedly since they became much more commercial.
I'm with the heavy flannels camp here - I have 3 suits from 11oz flannels (2 Fox, 1 Drapers), and I wish I had gone heavier - they pill easily, don't hold a crease for very long, and need to be ironed quite frequently.
I'm positive they weren't this morning, but thanks for the note. Will check once I'm back home at the computer.
Thanks for the sale, Greg. Like I've said in the past, your inventory, and the accessories in particular, is of excellent taste. I only wish the Big John's were on sale as well :)   On the above, I frequent this thread far less than I'd like, primarily because of the clutter with all these "OMG!, OMG!" posts by certain members on every small matter concerning No Man Walks Alone. It gets wearisome, and I make things easier on myself by just emailing the firm directly with...
+1 - is that Panico?
Available at Orvis NYC
 Yup, and they charge a boatload for it. Surprised Jodek is still in business after they lost the big Harrisons / Lessers account. They seem to carry much smaller labels now.
Well, for starters, figure out your true US size - is it 11.0 or 11.5? I'm an 11 (sorry, never measured my foot) and the 44.5 in the Vass F is a perfect fit for me.
Also, a +100 to Cleric's last post. If the bar on this forum is set by what the general public thinks, then we may as well confine ourselves to buying the latest Ludlow suits by J. Crew. It's also worthwhile to point out that the anonymity afforded by an internet forum also allows for more honest appraisals. I have several people at my office who stop by to show me their new suits, and I hardly ever offer a honest, no-holds barred critique. I suspect that most others are...
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