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 Better yet, just don't order.
The Gammarelli / Mazarin socks are vastly overrated imo. Look for OTC socks from Bresciani, which are of much better quality and sold by several online retailers (Howard Yount, Berg & Berg, ASW, etc.)
Just snapped up the Athletics supporters tie.
What's even more amazing to me is that there really is nothing all that magical about his product (certainly not worthy of the sometimes absurd commentary found on this forum). Fwiw, I think Mina Adamo makes a better pair of trousers.
  FYI - for those that care, this is a Del Fino from their double-faced collection.
 Has it occured to you that the particularities of feet and sizing differ amongst individuals? Given that the vast majority of people size up on the U last, it's obvious that your experience is the anomalous one here.
I would also be interested in learning the origin of this fabric. I know it's not Moonbeam - maybe Del Fino? Anyone know?
I know you want to push some product, Spoo - but those are nothing like the wool/silk ones I was talking about 😊
A quick note for any fellow iGents looking for scarves – buy the Panta wool / silk ones, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. I own two (the plum / gold and the orange / brown) and they, quite honestly, rank amongst some of the best #menswear purchases I have made.   They look amazing, the design / finishing is unusual yet elegant, and I constantly get compliments from random people.   Buy’em! -
Maybe so, but I'm not entirely inclined to believe that's the reason. For one, Andersons never had an exclusive (I bought a Breanish from W&J back in 2007/08). Furthermore, in the same breath, they mentioned how much they liked Cacciopoli, but were unable to get their fabrics for the shop.
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