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 Got it, thanks
  Marco - could you pls share the code for that Albini chambray.
Lucky – all the Manhattan cleaners charge 2.5-3.0x for hand-wash.
Machine wash on delicate is fine. Just make sure to line dry.
Chester Jefferies on the left, Tincati on the right - both carpincho:  
Depends on what you want to do, as the ideas proposed are quite different: 1.       High Upfront Cost / One-Time Shot  / Logistically Easy– buy fabrics2.       Low Upfront Cost / Recurring Business / Logistically Tough – partner up with a traveler tailor / shirtmaker I like option 2, but it depends on your risk / commitment preferences
Resolved as in: a) Foo finally received the promised goods, or b) They're best-buds again?
Did we ever hear back from Foo on his dealings w/ Ambrosi (post the big SF 'nano' blowup)?
 I paid $450 in 2008/09 when he first came w/ Solito.
 Last I was in HK, they quoted me a G. Not sure if that's increased, or if NY customers will pay a premium.
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