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 Did A&S ever fix the sleeve on your gunclub SC?
A great comeback. Not entirely certain how this notion that I have used dozens of tailors has ever come about (I have consistently used only two/three London-based tailors for the past few years). But, hey - the 'facts' were never your strong suit.
 Go back and analyze your reasoning in this thread. You’re obviously somewhat obtuse, so let me break it down for you -  1.       Multiple people complain about Ambrosi2.       You imply that the Ambrosi issues are hardly unusual and throw out the useless canard that no tailor boasts 100% customer satisfaction 3.       When it’s pointed out to you that Ambrosi’s behavior is egregious by any measure, you link to an absurd post on Finollo to bolster your case 4.       When...
Yeah, sure - thanks for the iWisdom.
 I have tried quite a few bespoke artisans (tailors, shirtmakers, shoemakers) in the U.S, Europe and Asia and have been disappointed with several. But none of them took more than a year longer than promised / acceptable, blithely ignored my attempts at contact, and then proceeded to insult clients publicly. So, yes – Ambrosi is unique.
 Really? You consider the horendous service / behavior of Ambrosi (verified by multiple members) to be directly comparable to one nutter's post on Finollo.
There are a ton of pics of Steed’s suits in this thread, and I can’t imagine why a DB linen would be any different in a meaningful way.  Go w/ them if you like the general look of their work.
I have heard good things about W&S, and I know that there London-based head cutter is very well regarded. However, I remain concerned by the fact that their U.S. fittings are conducted by their owner, who is not a trained cutter (nor does he have the years of fitting experience of a Rubinacci).   Concordia - were you satisfied with Mahesh's fittings?
Huh? - you cancelled your order w/ Finollo based solely on Marco's post on machine-made buttonholes?
 This should explain things: 
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