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The police need to get answers. Did he have a history of violence or not? I hope he has a good lawyer, or else the police will hold his feet to the fire when they question him.
Shane was my fav character. I hate to see him go. Oh well.
Warning - sad post: Last summer my miniature poodle got rocky mountain spotted fever. Because it went untreated for about a month, the rmsf became widespread and the vet recommended that the dog take antibiotics for an extended period of time. She has been on the antibiotics for 3-4 months. While on the antibiotics, she refuses to eat and becomes lethargic. So the vet prescribed a steroid. With the steroid, she acts 100% normal, has a good appetite and is playful. But...
Myabe this has been said, but you can't trust any school's "employment numbers." This is a well-known and documented problem with the ABA's regulation on employment reporting. Most schools report 90% employment within 9 months, but the reality is that the school will have 30% employed in bar-passage-required jobs. Buyer beware.Also, clerk placement doesn't mean much unless you are truly an amazing student and person.
Where the fuck was the boyfriend? The article implies that he was there when the attack went down. Why didn't he do anything?Back on point, the assailants in this case should have been imprisoned.
I am drinking wine on a Wednesday night and this is my first post in weeks, if not months. I am the overworked lawyer.
Go Cards tonight! I was Oh-So-Close to getting tickets for the game. I work in downtown STL and it was hard to see people walking to the game as I walked to my car to drive home.
Elvis, Cobain, Holly
Zero miles today. But I recently moved to an apartment that is about 50 yards from the katy trail in Missouri, which is a 200 mile long trail. I can't wait to get a bike and start riding a few times a week. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute to this thread soon.
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