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Shane was my fav character. I hate to see him go. Oh well.
Warning - sad post: Last summer my miniature poodle got rocky mountain spotted fever. Because it went untreated for about a month, the rmsf became widespread and the vet recommended that the dog take antibiotics for an extended period of time. She has been on the antibiotics for 3-4 months. While on the antibiotics, she refuses to eat and becomes lethargic. So the vet prescribed a steroid. With the steroid, she acts 100% normal, has a good appetite and is playful. But...
Myabe this has been said, but you can't trust any school's "employment numbers." This is a well-known and documented problem with the ABA's regulation on employment reporting. Most schools report 90% employment within 9 months, but the reality is that the school will have 30% employed in bar-passage-required jobs. Buyer beware.Also, clerk placement doesn't mean much unless you are truly an amazing student and person.
Go Cards tonight! I was Oh-So-Close to getting tickets for the game. I work in downtown STL and it was hard to see people walking to the game as I walked to my car to drive home.
Elvis, Cobain, Holly
Zero miles today. But I recently moved to an apartment that is about 50 yards from the katy trail in Missouri, which is a 200 mile long trail. I can't wait to get a bike and start riding a few times a week. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute to this thread soon.
I did a "homemade crossfit" type of workout yesterday: 5 sets of the following: No rest between exercises 20 dips - bw + 25 lbs 20 leg raises 20 thrusters (squat followed by military press) - 40 lbs 10 pullups - bw + 25 lbs 30 sec rest
This week's workout: SUNDAY Run 1.5 mi - go straight to pool Swim 750 meters (front crawl) Every 50 meters I would get out and do 20 pushups (=300 total) Later in the evening - 5 sets of 60 situps MONDAY Pushups throughout the day - 25 pushups every hour on the hour while awake (=375 total) Stairmaster while wearing 20 lb weighted backpack - 25 mins Later did 5 sets of max situps (first was 100, second was 65, etc) with 1 min rest in-between TUESDAY Run 2 mi - go...
Yesterday I did pullups (rested 1:30 between each set): 1 set of 10 - bodyweight (warmup) 1 set of 5 - bw + 20 lbs (warmup) 1 set of 5 - bw + 35 lbs (warmup) 1 set of 5 - bw + 55 lbs (warmup) 1 set of 7 - bw + 60 lbs 1 set of 5 - bw + 65 lbs 1 set of 3 - bw + 70 lbs 1 set of 5 - bw + 60 This totals 50 pullups at varying weights. Today I did pushups: I did 15 sets of the following: Swim 50 meters, get out and do 20 pushups This made for a total of 750 meter swim and 300...
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