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I've read that they fit large..  also interested in your thoughts about sizing..! 
I visited blue owl on the weekend and tried on a pair of super skinny guys.    They fit amazingly.    I've been wearing a 31 skinny guy broken twills for about 6-8 months. I found the leg opening to be larger than advertised (mine measured just under 8'') so i had them tapered down to 7''. However, getting them tapered by a third party resulted in the taper starting a bit too high, so after a decent walk i can actually feel them tight on my calves.    The...
you measure the leg opening to be 7''. Did it start at 8'' pre-soak like self edge's website says for sz 30?
gotta rep this.. I'll second the quality of Japan v. American strats. I own the american version of this and bought it similarly used+mint for ~$1300. I'd rather have this and $500 in my pocket to spend on an amp, that's where much more of your tone comes from. This is no ordinary standard strat, the '57 has THE fender tone. Great 2nd guitar (or 1st if you're ballin' :))
another useless comment here, but shit - that is beautiful. i love the treated one. perfect jacket for my indiana jones style obsession.. but yea the whole large thing and i recently picked up a similar one (but i like this better). stick to your guns. $500 is a steal.
do they fit tts or big?
I really want these:   probably size US 10-10.5, unless they run really large.
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