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Nice to see a suit that fits like this.    
The shirt looks loose around your neck. Try a full neck size down. Seriously.   Two things contribute to the collar points out in no man's land: 1) points not long or spread enough, 2) (more important) your suit lapels are bowed out a bit, they should be straighter (jacket more closed) which reduces this.
Maybe this thread should be called, "The emperor's new (polyester) clothes" 
Why not look at the the OneShoe for some inspiration?   - Works with jeans and suits - Needs help at highest levels of formality (and lowest, lets be real) - Doesn't appear on WAYWRN that much, but is classic.   Spread collar single cuff does not achieve any of this.   Reality is that the OneShirt is a BD, placket front, BC, end-on-endish fabric blue shirt. Needs a white FC at the high end (and a polo shirt at the low end) to complete the wardrobe. 
Where is that Acridsheep graphic again?
Someone else will answer more completely. And I have no experience owning any of those suits.    I do have 3 KW suits with a 4th on the way. The fabric is good quality, better than what I see at Brooks Brothers or any department store. Also, you can order high end fabric from him or send him your own fancy fabric and have a suit made for $750 + fabric cost.
Do you also have a 14" drop and massive thighs?
Great for one shirt but not OneShirt.   Extreme cutaways are limited in use.
where is this thread going?
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