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Latest order from Luxire.  [[SPOILER]]   
No cuffs and a little trimmer fit on all my flat front pants.
I go 2" on all my pleated pants. I'm 6'2". I'm very sensitive about dressing too foppish in certain company and never feel that way about 2" cuffs. Whereas I would feel that way about 4.5" lapels for example.
    I'm at the other end of the spectrum in terms of fit. +4-6 cm in length on sleeves and coat. +4-5 cm rise on trousers. 1-2 cm changes everywhere. I'm tall and skinny, and tough to fit.    Despite this, every suit has been better than RTW, and my 3rd was really nice, minimal alterations. And some 0.5-1.0 cm changes for next time.   This works.
    InStitches - add a knit tie and suede shoes to fully do this (as you well know)
My KW trousers are based on the size 33. I tried them on at the trunk show in NYC.   That grey is nice. I have a suit from it. Its a nice lighter-than-charchoal   suit, and it can comfortably fill the charcoal suit slot in the wardrobe with more versatility.
Ask for the 33
My latest...  
Any pics of cotton suits or sport coats yet?
  Did you provide your own fabric? If so, where did you get the fabric?
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