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Also - what is "flat" posture?  I've heard the term "erect" before but not flat.  They make you choose one of them.  I went with "normal":
The question is - do you include shoulder blades in a chest measurement or not?  In other words - put the tape over the blades, or just under them?  Under will give a smaller measurement.
Hmm - much appreciated.  Guess I'll go with the 43.5"
Oh for crying out loud.  C'mon - a little help here please.
I ordered the Indochino Essential Navy Blazer. I have nailed (I think) each Indochino measurement except the chest measurement. If I measure at the nipples I am getting around 41.5". But if I measure two inches higher the measurement is 43.5"  The Indochino video says to measure the chest diameter at the widest point on your chest, which is usually around the nipples and their video clearly shows a measuring tape at a man's nipples:     My problem is that my...
So I thought this looked nice on ebay:   http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120886482236#ht_6016wt_1378     Retail $2,200, asking $900.  I made an offer for $600 and to my surprise it was accepted.   Then I finally realized "su misura" is the Armani MTM service - so this was made to someone else's specs right?  How could it be new with tags?  They allow someone to make a suit and then reject it once it arrives at the store?   Is this...
Hyt123 - I'm okay with the fashion forward look because I mix it up.  I have some classic pieces, and a few more fashion forward pieces.  I also tend toward simple ensembles - If I have an aggressive fashion forward piece on, the rest of my outfit tends toward complementary but conservative contrasts.  Also I have multiple jackets (not as many as in the past due to an unfortunate incident with an angry ex-girlfriend and a pair of scissors, but I'm trying to consider this...
Okay maybe I'm retarded here, but this is a question I've always had.  Why do some shirts - such as the Eton slim fit I just purchased - have darts?   I have a 10 year old Yves St. Laurent shirt that is still a favorite of mine - I believe this is from when Tom Ford was designing for them.  It uses no darts and is beautifully tapered.  But every other damn slim fit shirt I have uses darts.   What's the point?  It's a cleaner look without them - just cut the shirt...
Also, I just noticed this:  
Thanks ballmouse - but here is a pic of the pants on my waist - I think they're too big actually and need to be taken in - I think I have lost an inch in the waist since I bought the suit:  
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