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The top one looks like the shoulders artificially jut out horizontally, and have excess fabric sticking out at the top of the chest near where it meets the shoulder seams.  The Zegna looks like a closer fit.
50" over the arm measured at the same latitude as the 43.5" chest measurement.  What does this mean Despos?  EDIT:  Good God.  I just looked you up and realized who you are.  I can't believe you're answering fit questions for free from punters like me ordering $300 MTM jackets online.  But I thank you.  If you're ever in L.A. and I can do anything for you let me know - I'll pm you my info.  
Thanks Despos - I'll do that right now and post it in a minute.  You're a godsend.  When I took the largest measurement - 43.5" - I used tape in several places to hold the tape horizontal.  I found that without that I couldn't get it to stay properly for the measurement.
I'm interested in propersuit - $650 for full canvas, completely unique pattern (not modifed existing pattern) sounds good to me.  But it makes no sense to me that they only sell their "unique" fabrics to existing members to keep prices low.  How does reducing your available market keep prices low?
Also - what is "flat" posture?  I've heard the term "erect" before but not flat.  They make you choose one of them.  I went with "normal":
The question is - do you include shoulder blades in a chest measurement or not?  In other words - put the tape over the blades, or just under them?  Under will give a smaller measurement.
Hmm - much appreciated.  Guess I'll go with the 43.5"
Oh for crying out loud.  C'mon - a little help here please.
I ordered the Indochino Essential Navy Blazer. I have nailed (I think) each Indochino measurement except the chest measurement. If I measure at the nipples I am getting around 41.5". But if I measure two inches higher the measurement is 43.5"  The Indochino video says to measure the chest diameter at the widest point on your chest, which is usually around the nipples and their video clearly shows a measuring tape at a man's nipples:     My problem is that my...
So I thought this looked nice on ebay:     Retail $2,200, asking $900.  I made an offer for $600 and to my surprise it was accepted.   Then I finally realized "su misura" is the Armani MTM service - so this was made to someone else's specs right?  How could it be new with tags?  They allow someone to make a suit and then reject it once it arrives at the store?   Is this...
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