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@cousindonuts and ndm2p8:  I ordered the essential navy blazer 11 days ago.  I had several back-and-forths with customer service, asking them questions about options, fitting issues, etc. AFTER I'd ordered.  And in my experience customer service was pretty good.  The e-mail returns weren't immediate but they were within 24 hours each time.  The e-mail address I've been using is info@indochino.com and my "customer service concierge" is Harrison.   Hope it gets better...
@lostron - with all due respect good sport coats/blazers/suits go down very well at the best clubs all over the world. It says money, power, access. It's not the only look that works but it works very well.
@Essential - MikeDT was being sarcastic.
CBbuff - you're right, he doesn't belong in a club.  But that's not the point.  He asked for sartorial advice and was promptly shat on.   This happens in all kinds of specialized-interest internet forums.  Noob comes asking for help, and then some unhealthily-obsessed *clothing/car/skiing/anime* topic nerds proceed to make fun of noob because he isn't as knowledgeable.   It's always pathetic to watch said retards buck up their own self esteem in this manner, but...
Um, I would say it's about as stiff as most dress shirts.  I know that's not terribly helpful - but it has "heft."  It is I assume a fused collar.  Sorry I don't really have a point of reference for you.
The kid is 16 - give him a break.  No need to be such assholes to him - you're just making yourselves look bad.  Golden rule.  'Nuff said.
No - that's on their dime.
Here's the full review: http://www.styleforum.net/t/296669/j-hilburn-mtm-shirt-review-not-perfect-but-im-very-happy-best-overall-fit-of-my-life
Someone on the J. Hilburn shirt thread asked if I had received my shirt yet - I just got it a few days ago so here's the review:   This is my first MTM item of clothing ever.  I have a Thick as Thieves suit I haven't been fitted for yet, and an Indochino blazer in production - but haven't received it yet.  I ordered a "pink luxury oxford" - here are the pics - then the review will follow the photos:     I went with J....
I got it a couple days ago - not perfect yet but I'm very happy.  I'll post a review in a fresh thread because I figure since no one on SF has done a review yet then it might as well have it's own thread.  Give me a few minutes and I'll have it up with pics.
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