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  Well, that answers that! :)
hmmm, just realized you can't view photos hosted on askandy unless you're a member. i'll try to upload here later.
Link to my review on Ask Andy:   http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?143738-Natty-Shirts-review-Best-27-I-ve-ever-spent-Wow   Caveat on fit: I sent them precise shirt measurements based on MTM and OTR shirts I already own, not body measurements.   How they would execute with body measurements I have no idea.
1 - As to footbeds, why can't you get custom footbeds/insoles? I use them in my ski boots and so do most skiers I know. They are only $30-$40 for a set if you don't need ones that are heat molded to your feet.   2 - As for microorganisms surviving deep inside leather even after disinfecting - I'm going to ask a microbiologist friend about this and post back here.
I posted up my review of my new Kent Wang Suede Chukkas over on Askandy. Sorry I can't be bothered to upload a bunch more pics. Bottom line - love these shoes.   http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?143409-Shoe-review-Kent-Wang-benchgrade-suede-chukkas-very-very-nice
If money is truly no object, sure it can be done and it can be done well. I've had shoulders taken in twice by two different bespoke tailors working on my OTR jackets. Both turned out beautifully. Both cost a fortune.   To have the alterations you have listed done by a bespoke tailor here in California, for example, would probably cost well over $500.   Maybe you have access to much cheaper labor. Good luck.
It's possible he has a medical issue and would prefer to focus on finding clothes that fit the body he has rather than discussing the body he doesn't have.
@soggychicken: damn dude. That is perhaps the best out-of-the-box Indichono fit I've seen. Way better than mine was (it's getting remade).   As for critique - looks like the arms need to be rotated forward a bit because of the vertical wrinkling, to accomodate your natural arm hang. As for the fit in the back it's hard to say because when you lift your arm to take the photo you're causing wrinkles. Can you take it again on a timer so you can stand...
Psylentstorm - really looking forward to your review, please do post it when you can after the alterations. I saw your photos online and would love to see what changes post-alteration.   How does Lim work with regards to that - did you take delivery of the suit, decide you were unhappy with some parts of it after receiving it, then you went back to him and asked for changes?   Or did he tell you at the beginning that changes would be needed after delivery and...
Anyone know what Jason's policy is on who pays for alterations after receiving the suit? He took my measurements in person and I just received the suit and had it pressed. Overall I'm impressed with the quality for the price - but as for the fit fit there are some issues.  There is excess material in the chest, the hips of the pants and the jacket are too wide, there is pressure on the back of my neck and there needs to be more waist suppression.   I'm not sweating...
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