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Thanks gaseousclary. 
I checked my gmail "promotions" folder and found the e-mail. I ordered one pair of jeans on Feb 19 - so on Gustin time I wouldn't get them til the end of May. Given that I paid $49 for Lawless I will assume I won't see the jeans til the end of the summer.
This question is really for anybody who works in database management and understands this better than I do.   I'm not talking about shirts being cut differently than the measurements you asked for - I'm talking about measurements either disappearing from online profiles, or changes failing to save.   Is database management for online MTM shirt companies much more difficult than one would think at first?   At first I thought it was a fluke, but three separate...
So I'm decent with denim 'cause it's easy to dress it up or down. I do fine with classic menswear. But with casual non-denim pants - especially with unique textures - I fall flat.   I ordered these Gustin pants on a whim, which should arrive next month - but I haven't a clue how to pair them with shoes or with shirts.   A few questions:   1 - Should textures match or contrast? In other words, these pants seem to have some...
They could do a two-tier pricing model - stock jeans at higher prices to compensate for the capital outlay. And have the lower prices available for people who are willing to wait.
I'm on my third pair of Gustins - just backed another pair. But these waits are getting stupid long - they're advertising three months at this point.   Also, I think they've relaxed their fit - they used to advertise that the fit is as claimed (and it was, on my first pair). Then they moved to 1/2" of vanity sizing - and my second pair actually measured almost a full inch larger than the stated measurement (closer to 33" than 32" waist).
  Well, that answers that! :)
hmmm, just realized you can't view photos hosted on askandy unless you're a member. i'll try to upload here later.
Link to my review on Ask Andy:   Caveat on fit: I sent them precise shirt measurements based on MTM and OTR shirts I already own, not body measurements.   How they would execute with body measurements I have no idea.
1 - As to footbeds, why can't you get custom footbeds/insoles? I use them in my ski boots and so do most skiers I know. They are only $30-$40 for a set if you don't need ones that are heat molded to your feet.   2 - As for microorganisms surviving deep inside leather even after disinfecting - I'm going to ask a microbiologist friend about this and post back here.
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