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Mr. Roetzel's "Bespoke Menswear: Tailoring for Gentlemen" deals with bespoke menswear: clothing sewn by hand from individual patterns with fittings at the tailor during the production process. The book excludes two other categories of clothing: made-to-measure and ready-to-wear.   The book goes through bespoke suits, shirts and ties. The stages of the production for each part (suit, shirt, tie) are shown with color photos. Each part also has a list of terminology. Mr....
Thank you for sound advice!
Which Carmina last is most elegant? Why?   Thanks for all replies!
Thanks! The experts here seem to recommend one.   I saw Tiger of Sweden, now in February 2014, choose two on many of their suit jacket lapels.   http://tigerofsweden.com/
How many buttonholes should a suit jacket have on the lapel?   I have seen lapels with no buttonhole, one buttonhole and two buttonholes.   Is there a "correct" number? Or does it depend on the occasion or culture? Or is it up to my own preference where I have a choice, such as when going bespoke?   Thankful for advice.
Who in the world produces/sells the finest white linen handkerchiefs?   Many thanks in advance for tips.
I read here http://herrskobloggen.blogspot.se/ that if I own only one pair of fine shoes it should be a pair of black Oxford plain cap shoes. I will travel from Sweden to London to buy such pair of shoes, but as I am newbie to the subject of fine shoes, I turn to the expertise in this forum for advice.   (1) Who makes the quintessential ready to wear black Oxford plain cap shoes?   (2) Who makes the most beautiful ready to wear black Oxford plain cap...
New Posts  All Forums: