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The Matrix 1 and Top Gun.
Copenhagen is an awesome city, but it takes some getting used to. Give it some time and make some local friends and you'll see that all is well in the state of Denmark.
Apparently they don't know that. Not really surprising, given that they wear a suit maybe 3 times a year.So sorry to hear that, jesters. Rest assured, there are other women out there for ya. Given the reason for the breakup, you might even have dodged a bullet there.
So I'm at my best friend's wedding. The actual ceremony starts on tuesday, so I asked him if I should bring my shirt with or without cuff links. Turns out that all the other best men will most likely wear short sleeved shirts under their suits on account of the heat. So now I'll be the only one with a proper shirt. Also, shoer sleeved shirt and suit??!?!?
I've only felt really overdressed once, ant that strangely enough was at a Chinese wedding. Not knowing what to expect(I'd had been in country less than a month), I dressed up as formally as I thought was needed, meaning suit and tie. When I arrived at the venue I was rather shocked when I saw that most people where just wearing their everyday clothes, which included hotpants for the ladies, slacks, trainers, shorts and Tshirt etc for the men. I never felt so awkwardly...
I'm growing hydroponic Basil. The Basil itself isn't different, just the way it's grown. Currently i have 4 plants that seem to be successful, the rest is kinda meh. I'll start another 20 or so plants this weekend. Now i just have to figure out how to make large scale pesto production.
  Whether I die unloved, unsuccessful, and ugly, should be none of your concern.    The reason I bother with a diet is that while I'll probably die ugly, I want to look good/better for as long time as possible.    Given your previous post, your time management skills seem to be even worse than your ability to incite my rage. 
EDIT: Sorry there was supposed to be some writing there too, but my phone screwed that up.Right now, it's at the point when I don't even remember when the last time was when we had sun. Somewhere around 10 days ago. It's soooo depressing. It's the middle of the summer and it's essentially dark at 8, due to all the pollution.
Pollution. Pollution sucks some serious ass. In Beijing you can't see a skyscraper unless you're less than 1km away from it. I seriously need to get out of here. Fuck this city. It's also supremely depressing to never see the sun or blue sky. I dont think we've had blue sky in over 2weeks.
  Honestly, if I have to choose between dying of shredded arteries because I'm overweight and ugly, or of shreded arteries because I'm at least halfway slim after the paleo diet, I'll choose the latter.   Although, I'll be fine, either way.
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