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Hello   Due to my body size, I have an extremely hard time finding well fitting polo shirts. They're either too short, or too big around the chest and stomach. With shirts, that's a lot less of a problem, as they can be custom tailored rather cheaply, depending on what tailor you go to.  Now, obviously fit is one of the major elements when it comes to how one looks and having your ass showing because your shirt is too short, is definitively a no go.    As for my...
Being back here on SF. Older, wiser, and a lot less angry than I was last time I posted here a few years ago. That being said, my style is just as useless as before, as evidenced by the fact that I"m writing this while wearing OD green cargo pants and a black polo shirt. But hey, nothing's perfect. 
Rum and ice. Sunday evening treat.
Finished a 15 hour work day and get to relax with a drink. Best of all, I get to deposit my earnings in my bank account tomorrow. Awesome feeling. Makes the hassle of being self employed completely worth it.
Here's to getting up at 6am on a Sunday to work. Self employment is one hell of a stockholm syndrome.
The Matrix 1 and Top Gun.
Copenhagen is an awesome city, but it takes some getting used to. Give it some time and make some local friends and you'll see that all is well in the state of Denmark.
Apparently they don't know that. Not really surprising, given that they wear a suit maybe 3 times a year.So sorry to hear that, jesters. Rest assured, there are other women out there for ya. Given the reason for the breakup, you might even have dodged a bullet there.
So I'm at my best friend's wedding. The actual ceremony starts on tuesday, so I asked him if I should bring my shirt with or without cuff links. Turns out that all the other best men will most likely wear short sleeved shirts under their suits on account of the heat. So now I'll be the only one with a proper shirt. Also, shoer sleeved shirt and suit??!?!?
I've only felt really overdressed once, ant that strangely enough was at a Chinese wedding. Not knowing what to expect(I'd had been in country less than a month), I dressed up as formally as I thought was needed, meaning suit and tie. When I arrived at the venue I was rather shocked when I saw that most people where just wearing their everyday clothes, which included hotpants for the ladies, slacks, trainers, shorts and Tshirt etc for the men. I never felt so awkwardly...
New Posts  All Forums: