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anyone hv a dick bulge problem with pbj xx011? i hv a dick bulge problem every time i sit.. is it because my pbj still new & stiff? 
yea man.. this is my first raw japanese denim so i hv to learn alot hahaha.. if i mess up this pair after wash, i think im going to buy another pbj hahaha.. 
hahaha.. appreciate ur opinion man.. i also think its too tight but i think im ok with that coz pbj will stretch a bit actually they stretch already after a full day of usage.. i can button up without much effort not like before.. and theres room in my thigh area now  for size 31, i soak them in the bathtub with hot water (maybe 50-60degree) for almost 1,5hour coz they are waay too big in the beginning.. they shrunk quit alot after soak for size 30, i only use tap water...
hahaha appreciate ur honest opinion man.. yep for day 1, its quite tight.. but im sure after a month or so, this baby gonna fit perfect  size 31 a bit too loose for day 1 imo.. 
thx man :D  anyway i dont know bout the shipping coz im bought them thru proxy service..   heres my post soak comparison.. size 31 (left) & size 30 (right)           my size 30 pre & post soak fit almost exactly the same.. soak them while wearing them for almost 40mins hahahha.. what do u guys think?
FINALLY my new down size pbj arrived      pbj xx 011   pre soak pic         will post post soak pic tommorow maybe.. anyway this is size 30.. last month im wearing size 31 (post #713) but i think its a bit too big..  what do u guys think?
    its quite loose compared to photo.. and i hot soak this baby for 1,5hour.. im aiming for this fit after a month or 2 wear n tear.. 
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