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Or vodka with a straw 
That went very good spoo. Deets on the blazer?
He has a twist on it, if you dont take RLPL for a second and look at this, you see that he has his own thing. And I think it's perfect... 
Never thought about that really, I dont think so? Since I cant find them online.. go for C&J i'm very happy with mine or RLPL.
Very nice
I never use shoes without socks, only velvet slippers that is at home (sometimes)
Thanks man, it's like the only ''nice'' shoes I have. Nothing compare to your nice collections 
What's this if I may ask :)? 
Well maybe you are right, never thought about it that way. I sitll like it but not all RL adv... are like this?
A picture with a face :)! Very nice Anden and i'm very sorry for your loss.
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