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^ Wow ,I really love those. I'm not a big fan of chukkas but I really want a pair now when I see those.. Would go nice with a pair of jeans and a polo shirt.
You know it 
Last pictures then i'm off to Paris tomorrow, will come back with even better pics!  And I know the ps went little off there..   [[SPOILER]]
Damn... and I think the santos is expensive  *cheap ass I am*
Thanks, they all look the same if you take the ''standard'' monogram, I also think my next velvet slippers will be from broadland.   Like this:
I wish, wait 10 more years and i'll post some pics 
Really? Wow, I hope they will come out soon. You can't have too many slippers :) Well I wanted to do initials on my C&J but that would cost me another $200 didn't think it was worth it, I could buy another velvet slippers with that kind of money. But you have who make slippers with your initials for a good price (will take around 2 months)   Here you have mine, have one more but they are at the shoemaker, new heels      [[SPOILER]]
Paris ticket, check, leaving on thursday 
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