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Nick, that's pure sex dude.
Thanks will check that out when i'm home :)
Haha, :)!
Quality wise, all the same? 
Man that's nothing, if you go to any beach in Paris they tan naked. Maybe it's like that in the US 2?
Didn't want to start a thread for this so will ask here. The sun is coming and I see many wearing chukka boots, i'm not so much for boots, but it looks really nice I must say!   So now i'm thinking over a pair that I can use when i'm casual with jeans or chinos. They will be in darkbrown suede (dont like other models)   So which brand should I aim for here?
Will wait for the answers then :)   SPOO AND DEREK S, I'M WAITING 
Damn man, you really think i'm bond? I wish, first of all I need to get this body then maaaybe i'm on my way    [[SPOILER]]
That's cool so it's a good brand, little expensive I think but it was very nice.
The jacket is 2 big mate.
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