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Pretty sure 3.75" width and 57.5" length
They are darker than they appear in the photo   $40 each plus postage.
Can anyone recommend a good place in Melbourne for ties?   Also I am looking for a store in Melbourne that stocks Allen Edmonds shoes.
I am doing that. Already found one that is highly recommended.    I guess he could give me better advice but would still like to know what people think.   Will be interesting to see how a good 15 years of better technology and proper fitted clubs will do for my game...
Hey guys buying a new set as I am getting back into golf again after a long lay off.   Any Iron recommendations? I pretty much know the other clubs I am going to get but not sure on this.   I would say I would start on like a 14 when I get a handicap back but would quickly halve that once I start playing.   Cavity backs? blades? player or game improvement irons? Iron play has ALWAYS been my weakness, but this could also be due to poor fitting of clubs and/or...
  Unfortunately not! I basically sold everything I owned at the end of last year and went travelling. I am now due back in Australia in a week and I have to build a new wardrobe.
Can someone recommend a good place to buy some slim fitting chinos/khakis in Melbourne in a range of colours? dont want to take the risk online and find out the fit poorly.
There is one opening this month in Melbourne?
Just want to thank the guys who recommended some online stores instead of telling me to phuck off :)   I basically have no wardrobe as I ditched everything and went travelling for 11 months, now I get home in 6 weeks to a wedding and having to go to job interviews...   Looking for a navy and a Charcoal suit when I get back for work purposes looking to spend maybe $600-$1000 on each. Any recommendations?   Also can anyone recommend a good tailor in Melbourne?
Hey guys what stores do you usually use when buying online?   Im looking mainly for shoes, chinos and shirts, but anything goes really.   Are there any stores that anyone recommend highly?
New Posts  All Forums: