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Whoa. At first I thought I'm in the wrong site but then I realized it's still SF!  A better version, that is. Kudos!
I'm not in favor of pick stitching on suits..makes the suit noticeable for the wrong reasons.
It's a prom-worthy suit I guess, or for parties but please don't wear that to your office (unless you work in the fashion industry).
Not white but cream-colored linen suit once for a wedding. I can't think of an event to wear one except for weddings.
You probably need tailor made suits and shirts specific to your body type. Also this way, you can customize your clothes according to your preferences.
I'm sure your tailor can do the alteration for a small fee.
I find it strange to get striped  sport coat as I prefer tweeds or just the solid ones.
Wearing a suit everyday is different from wearing your basic tee and jeans. Serious thought goes into every detail of the suit so you have to ask yourself if you are really comfortable in going through all the details everyday to wear it.
For what it's worth, I have a Gap dark navy blazer that I bought for a bargain and which I can still wear to this day. It may not be an Armani but it versatility and durability are what matters.
Are you sure the tailor got your measurement right? I have to agree with most on here that the jacket length is too short.
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