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Such a waste, there are some potentially good items on ebay but the CONUS only policy completely ruins it for the buyer.
As for the gadgets, I'm surprised he didn't have any with him like he used to there's no innovation apart from the sort of personalized handgun, but there's still plenty of drama.
Where did you get that?
I assume the amount of fabric needed to make suits and pants should vary and depend on your height.
For a first suit, opt for wool or worsted wool instead - the navy's fine - then maybe for a 2nd suit you can try a flannel.
To each his own, bu as for me, I dress primarily for me what I want to wear and feels comfortable and secondly to impress people I barely know.
I agree with starting with the basics, solids first before investing in patterned suits
A cream suit is really nothing shocking at a wedding. I've seen gentlemen wear it to weddings on more than 1 occasion.
I'd say something in a lighter color: chinos or light blue jeans.
  Honestly, there's too much going on in there. Any patterned shirt or tie would work with a solid combination.
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