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In that case   I fully agree with him in whatever he has to say
Don't get me wrong, but who are you?   I like to now who I am talking to, when it comes to such issues  
Couldnt stay away on such a nice day so went back to buy another £295er   Burgundy Malvern E82. If you look very very carefully you will see a little black spot on the side. That is the 'defect'.         Love you too Spoo
-20 I completely agree with Macallan   Hoarders are the scum of the earth. In an emergency situation they would be selling bottles of water for £20 and people like you would be saying this is fine, just capitalism in action.   A society with no values is a society full of assholes
see here
sure, I install dark elbow and knee pads right after I buy jackets/shirts/trousers.   They work both esthetically and like toe plates insofar as durability. You  cant go wrong with this.
hi ascot  
I want to have a slightly darker tone in the toe box area. Currently the shoe color is completely uniform, which i find somewhat boring.in particular for a shoe with such a 'large continuous surface of leather'' as the Oundle. You can see  the toe box antiquing on the D888 in Chestnut Antique shown above.   I use what in the uk is sold as 'renovating polish' in a darker colour when i want to gradually darken an area of the upper. Plus some saphir creams in between...
fritzl,   the day I am told how to get nice Vass shoes for £300 pounds is the day I will start buying them.(no way i am going to feed some low life in ebay)   feel free to let me know how   Note that while I really like EG I am not dogmatic on these things e.g I love quality Italian shoes, it is only that it is difficult to source them at reasonable prices in the UK so I am limited to a few santonis for dunhill ,a few more zegna couture, tramezza/LO...
I got my  Oundles in Whisky Cordovan D 202 on the 1st day of the pop in sale  since that was what was available at the time for 11/11.5ers like me.   Since I dont share USers fascination with cordovan  if I could choose i would definitely have the Chestnut Antique D 888 shown above. As for the other three, no thanks   In any case I have started my personal antiquing project so i expect to somewhat make up for the limitations of the original purchase
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