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Hello, I'm going to be attending a wedding soon and I was wondering if i need a winged collar shirt with french cuffs or not? I was thinking of ordering the BB ten pleat winged collar shirt.§ioncolor=§ionsize=   The bride has requested colored vest and tie, a teal color. :/ So I was wondering if a winged color was...
I have done some research on here, and there seems to be varying opinions about   Are they good or bad? They seem cheaply priced, and I've read they do MTM but I can't find anything MTM on their site. All I find is their online, OTR store.   I was looking at a suit like this one, . A little on the slimmer side as I'm very skinny. It would be my first suit.
I agree with this. Tibor you took your suit in to the tailor to totally change the look you had before, just because some people said they disagreed with it. But you wont spend like a little money on a new hat? I mean I dont know what your budget is, but for $50 you could probably find a hat that is much better. What's the attachment to the hat, but not to the overall look of the suit you had before?       + 1 to this.
Thinking about buying these,   I was checking them out as a semi casual use, im not quite sure what they would really go with. Got some white pants that I think would go nicely with a casual button up shirt. Any thoughts?
Hello, does anyone have an opinion on these shoes?   I was checking them out as a semi casual use.     Also if there is a better thread for this question any info would be appreciated. As you can see by the number of posts, noob here =)
So I'm very new to this and I'm probably wrong but I thought I would toss out my opinion anyways.   From those pics I agree with moo, the jacket needs to be let out, or if you like the way the jacket fits, maybe a pair of slimmer fitting pants? From what I see it looks like you have slim fitted jacket paired with some relaxed fit pants. That could possibly minimize the odd proportions that I see.  
Thanks, I have a personal aversion to corduroy though. Haha, I may try it anyways though. Ouch, that's a first. Some one must not be a fan of medium length haircuts.  
Hello everyone, newbie here. I just recently began to create my wardrobe so i'm wearing nearly all of it in this picture. I was hoping to get some feed back on what kind of jacket I could wear with these pants. They are Ben Sherman, King Slim Fit pants. I'm also wearing a Hugo Boss slim fit shirt.
hello, another newbie here. I've been lurking around for a while now, ended up here after my vacation to Vegas and began looking at suits. I was considering a Hugo Boss jam since I'm a skinny guy, however after much lurking I've put of a suit purchase for a little while. I've noticed a general dislike for Hugo boss around these parts haha. Looking for info on basically everything I can find haha. See you around.
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