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- Vietnam issue sateen fatigues- Double breast Jacket was a Century 21 pick up I'v been doing a bit of patching on.   The tricep area ripped so my boredom got the best of me.  Its made out of what i believe to me a washed out moleskin fabric- RRL denim espadrilles- Hollows leather CXL belt- UO triblend tee     [[SPOILER]]
 I wonder what you are describing right here  
  Looks to be  large cuff.  I toy with doing this myself but I almost always change it at the last minute.  In his case it looks good because of the wider pant and dark warp.  When u have a white weft it looks to obvious against a denim warp
  Thank you!   They weren't stiff but were def raw.  Because they have a lightweight cotton backing it allowed the denim creases to set and allow for some nice fades.  
 That jacket man.  I have been looking for one myself but most didnt wear the right way like yours.
  West Broadway is by far one of my favorite stores to walk into.  My wife who isnt much of an RRL fan gave in when she entered that back room with the leather couches.   Everything about it makes you want to buy something.  To bad I live in Phoenix now :(
 Just like you I was being a wise ass.  If u dont want to see RRL then dont come in to look
 LOL plenty.  I can take some of the inside and the soles to complete the set
Self dyed denim work shirt.  (Started out a very light denim color. I mixed tan and indigo dye to come up with this military color)Custom selvedge denim military fatigues . (Exact copies of what u see from EG)RRL Raw Selvedge denim Espadrilles.  Cardigan (asos)     [[SPOILER]]
My RRL selvedge espadrilles have become house slippers but cool nonetheless            
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