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Hi Sam, I believe I took care of this already.  Please confirm that was your order. Actually the best way to do it is direct from our webstore.  When you log in you can send messages attached to your order.  It is a better way to do it because it keeps the message actually attached to the order in question.   This is something I wish everyone to do who reads this.  
  We have plenty more to come.  The good thing is we sold out of a lot of our denims so naturally we need to buy MORE.  Fabric buying is to much fun.  I run around like i did as a kid in Toy R US.   
  Hi Sam I am glad you understand what we are trying to do here. We appreciate the opportunity and wish you a perfect fitting jean.
As long as it isnt affecting the overall pattern.  The length is quite easy to fix.  Its thighs and knees and rise that can throw off one another   SO yes you can adjust those.  without going into the full custom option
Hi Brad, When checking out there will be a notes box.  You can leave us the measurement you want adjusted there 
You can go with our 32 which will come in at 31.5 at first to account for stretch.  Of course you could go 31 which will come in a 305 but thats for the denim lover who like his jeans perfectly tight.  Id say 32 for sure
The current will be bright and the new is great against dark indigo.  The Ngine is light so it will likely pop a bit much.  I would have to get photo's taken but have to wait till its in
Hi GTFan712 We are taking more swatch photo's as we speak.  Ir's hard trying to capture the correct shade of everything but unfortunately some just don't translate right.  Here are the fit photo's of the slim taper .  The dark green thread looks pretty close to what you see there and is bright against the denim.  I ordered a better option the other day that will be spot on to a military drab color,  Its a bit more subtle against the indigo.  The good thing is that when you...
We can add button down collars if you want.  Just add it to the notes when checking out.  Certain things like that are easy to implement but others like asking to line or change all the measurements would be considered full custom.  
Thank you!  Can't go wrong with the Montana (western shirt)    We just released the Pendleton lined with pocket version.  Probably something everyone should own
New Posts  All Forums: