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https://instagram.com/p/7Q0Q6eNcje/   Olive clydes Personally dyed deep v which started out white and then i dyed it indigo but now its military green :)    
Go on Ebay.  There are plenty for good prices there.  I bought mine for $125 after packaging 2 items with the seller.   They are not really stiff but more than you imagine.  Basically enough for you to get some creasing  Oh and the RL customer service people are useless.  You are better off calling a RRL store to have questions answered.  Usually the NYC stores are pretty good
 My OW lows straights had the pocket stitching but each pair is different.  They will fade but not right before your eyes like some raws.  As for sizing them, I went 34 but wish i would have went 36.  They fit but were tighter than i wanted
 Message the ebay seller to measure the thighs for you.  Some are members here so worth a shot.  Whats the sellers name on ebay?
The Low straights give me problems in my thighs but i am a true 36 waist with me needing at least a 26 in thigh.  I can pull off the tagged 34's which by the way measure 36 at the start but if i want some room i go with the tagged 35 or 36.  Most RRL bottoms are vanity sized so that means if u are a true 33 waist you should go with the 32 but they will fit as they should...slim.  Hope that helps
That too haa!!
For me i like the way it looks but I also only wear it like that with certain pants or looks.  Musicians are typically who do it out of necessity to prevent scratching their guitars.  
Lil teaser of the selvedge ID's & my Thursday Boot brown CXL Diplomats   https://instagram.com/p/63c8u3tcj7/?taken-by=dirty_denim
Oh and the baggy ass the Clydes come with has tightened up quite a bit.  That last unwashed photo shows what they were like prior to water
Not sure how long iv had these Olive Clydes but I washed them for the 1st time after wearing them for maybe 30 to 50 times.  Such a great fabric and still my favorite fitting pants let alone that they also are tops in my RRL collection.  Last photo is for comparison.  They are still really stiff and retained some of that wax coating although they don't have the sheen they came with        
New Posts  All Forums: