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 I personally love Iron Heart tops.  The fit is so damn good.  As for construction its not even close but then again I buy RRL a lot more so go figure
@Francks is one of my favorite people to use as inspiration 
 They have some of the best stuff available for sure as well as Gentry by the way but these sales are a cluster &^%$ to deal with
Asos  Zara Gustin tee Converse    
Agreed.  The rest is really good.  
Toying with my day to day and shaved my head again Asos wool pants I cropped 5 inches  Zara  Tretorn  
Fantastic shirt Regis
Nicelynice is def part of the flyguycrew .
 Levis has a new 501 cut called the 501ct by the way.  If u like the taper of the 522, you might like the 501 ct which also have a hard taper below but with the 501 top block
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