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  [[SPOILER]]           [[SPOILER]]
Love RRL bags and accessories especially their boro stuff
@Synthese @ManofKent @spacepope @nicelynice@oucho  @Francks   Great day when u guys post on the same page
 Iv already begun to shift elsewhere.   Most of what i like from RRL can be found from brands like Blue Blue Japan but to me done a bit better @Synthese .  That doesnt mean I won't buy anything from RRL because i will but im done buying everything and anything RRL simply because.  I mean their best pieces are priced a bit high in comparison to other brands and I simply value so much more now
 Ill be on their webshop for hours.  Those dbl gauze striped pants are driving me insane man..TY
Heading out for my wife's 30th     
  SO damn fresh 
Is that a long blazer over the dbl breast blazer?   Iv been looking for something in a rayon fabric but havent found it yet  @endorphinz   
Love the fit on the pants @Rais 
Anyone have experience with the Tubular Dooms?  I found them on Stockx but wasnt sure if they are TTS or not   TUBULAR DOOM
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