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Yes it is.   The only thing that will take longer is when you add the Full custom option but even that will only be a 1 time thing because we only need the pattern maker to do it once for the person needing it
New vs 2 months old.  Love these things.    
Thank you for giving us a shot.    We have 5 woman shirt styles going up by Friday along with 2 or 3 new men's shirts and jackets.  One of the shirts will have hand pockets
        We are running a Black Friday sale starting today through Cyber Monday at www.ra-denim.com .   Everything in store qualifies for the 50% code "Blackfriday2014"   The plan is to release a few new men's & woman's styles during this sale so look out for those as well.We have implemented a new feature where you can now choose full custom.  This will allow our customers to measure themselves for either a top or bottom so that we will keep these measurements on...
Please give me your order # and I will check to see where it is in production and make the change if possible PM me with info
 I think selvedge duck is such a popular fabric right now you almost have to sit at the fabric mills waiting for it to come of the machines.  I have been looking for some for a bit so we will have it soon.  The last time I was able to get some there was less than enough to make maybe 10 pairs of pants.  We try to avoid doing that unless we can grab it for a great price
I think the shrink was minimal but it definitely made it drape better.  It was stiffer when I got it.  I am very familiar with this fabric but haven't seen it sewed up yet so seeing it made as a shirt was a totally different experience compared to feeling it on a roll.
And a few new offerings
Ok here is my b4 and afters.  Like I said i washed in machine on cold and then dried the shirt on high for about 25 min.  I think it looks a bit better so I am quite happy with the result but even more with the shirt itself   The photo's with me in the IH duck pants are the after washing & drying.  Anyone know what I have sticking out of my left pocket?                
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