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 Ill be on their webshop for hours.  Those dbl gauze striped pants are driving me insane man..TY
Heading out for my wife's 30th     
  SO damn fresh 
Is that a long blazer over the dbl breast blazer?   Iv been looking for something in a rayon fabric but havent found it yet  @endorphinz   
Love the fit on the pants @Rais 
Anyone have experience with the Tubular Dooms?  I found them on Stockx but wasnt sure if they are TTS or not   TUBULAR DOOM
  Well I am sure the change in how they run their sales has a bit to do with the $100mil drop in sales.  The fact that they are eliminating RRL womans would make me think RRL men will be next to go.  I would love to know what their sales over profits are for RRL at MSRP compared to RRL at discount.  Larsson is def against dropping prices since he feels better inventory management will prevent them from having to discount like they once did.   It sounds like they were a...
 Awesome coat .  Iv been drooling over a few Paul Harnden braced pants on Grailed 
I know its Zara but man do i love this coat.     Zara gap Asos Greats    
Diesel 5 pocket sweats Asos Thrifted cotton / rayon shirt .  Arms are a bit short but its a winner at $3.99 Greats Rosens  
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