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Love seeing screen shots of other peoples bookmarks.  Atleast you don't need to alphabetize since all you need are M's lol
 @Francks post more.  
The coat is correct?
 That coat is amazing.
Iv seen that jacket in just about every outlet on the East Coast.  Even so I believe it did make it into stores if I remember right
@manofkent  The colors are awesome and that coat is amazing.  Reminds me of this Monitaly piece available on Unionmade
Pope the II
I typically have issues with shoulder and chest measurements regardless of brand so im forced to up size in most cases.  
@Synthese Whats the largest chest measurement on BBJ tops?  I stay away because i have only seen measurements that would equate to a large.  I need atleast a 23 inch ptp for shirts or 24 for jackets
 Looks so good man and cant wait to see more
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