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Let me find out what could be causing this
I hope everyone who has received anything from Lawless is enjoying their items.  We plan on becoming available in this forum for any questions and to inform you of any Lawless news     I am sure many of you who ordered via Kickstarter or were part of the promo pairs we did are starting to receive packages.  I would love to hear what everyone thinks and if there is any feedback we need to know.  We are averaging 30 to 40 orders being completed a day right now with many...
I appreciate the review and your honesty in your last statement.  I should tell you choosing heavier canvas or anything for that matter will not affect the price.  The white canvas you likely received were part of the KS campaign and still are but we also have just about anything you want but just have to ask.  I do appreciate taking the time to review the jeans
I can help.  You can pop in the chat and I will walk you through it or however you are comfortable
I have a pair being made as well.  I went with the olive  green thread .  Good weight as well
I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.  Let me know if I can be any help
Hi 14 inches around or 7 inches laying flat.  Thats the bicep measurement
 You to Kiya, Yes definitely a Roy signature and a good one.  I was not there when the fan stitch was implemented but I seriously do not think it was something that was added with thievery or copying in mind.  The Lawless jeans started out being a full custom jean where different options were available to the customer in a shop for walk ins.  There were even more options initially & the fan stitch was likely added for good on one side with selvedge on the other side....
Thank you Kiya for stopping in.  I have been to your NYC shop many times & met you once at the IH party a lil over a year ago.    Not trying to take anything from anyone especially someone like Roy who is likely the best of the best.  
Sure! Once Kickstarter orders are completed which should be by the end of November, all the web orders will be addressed in the order they came in.  We have set anything new coming it to be a 6-8 week wait at this time but that will change as we move along.  Making a shirt or a pair of jeans happens very quickly in a day mostly but its the amount ahead that will cause the wait
New Posts  All Forums: