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Agreed its more of a shacket.  I do see what looks like pocket seams at the bottom of the shacket.   The enormous price tag also has me baffled even if it's a 1 of 100 made out of chambray that is likely 9 oz
I am loving the Limited Edition Indigo Jacket's simplicity.  Indigo thread and the fact that they left it unwashed is a win
I just got mine and love em!   At $200 they fit nicely along side some of the other boots I have in the $300 range. No need to compare them to other boots unless you already own a pair of Alden's.  If you need a nice dress boot but have a budget of $300 I would say buy these.  If you have a budget of $500-$700 then buy Aldens or Vibergs.  It is up to you what you value at the moment   PHOTO ALBUM FIT PICS
  RRL back pocket stitch rivals Levi's in my book.  Please leave em in.  My favorite are what u get from the Boot cuts with the front pockets done as well
My RRL Selvedge Espadrille's toe fade lol          
Exactly!!   I mean I love RRL and have a lot of what they put out but I swear I have no clue what their pricing identity is.  They come out with astronomical prices for many of their items but then have a 75% off sale almost all year.  I am starting to think of them as a Factory bought brand who looks to sell everything at factory discount prices but they price themselves higher than most brands out the gate.  Its strange to me because one day they are to expensive and the...
I know they used Schott to make this but $2400 is amazingly expensive when you can have a custom jacket made for less  
Because I have some experience with production times and what that entails, I will take a stab at what they deal with and try to explain it.     We as consumers buy off the shelf which is ready for the taking.  What we don't know is how long that jean or shirt took to be made and received by the store we bought from.  Buyers (middlemen) for dept stores deal with the wait times so we always see the end result which is an item for sale and ready to ship.  That item may...
I bought em in a 11 which I wear in Red Wing Iron Rangers and both fit me perfect.  Both are a full size down for me which it seems is a bit different than what others may tell you
Love those and yes worn hard.  
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