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Toying with my day to day and shaved my head again Asos wool pants I cropped 5 inches  Zara  Tretorn  
Fantastic shirt Regis
Nicelynice is def part of the flyguycrew .
 Levis has a new 501 cut called the 501ct by the way.  If u like the taper of the 522, you might like the 501 ct which also have a hard taper below but with the 501 top block
Saw a few pieces for the 1st time including the herringbone utility trousers which are so much better in person.  The color isn't that meh khaki color but instead looks a bit more green.  The cotton jaspe sport coat is amazing but they only had a large which fit nice with a tee outside of the sleeves being way short.  Basically if u wear a watch it would fall right before that.  I bet the XL would have been to big so likely not something i could buy.  I normally need a ptp...
Heading over to the Biltmore RL store in Phoenix Az today.  It says they stock RRL, are there any Phoenix natives that found this to be a good spot for RRL?
 Looks like they left the natural shape of the hide at the back.  LOVE IT!!
  I agree photo's need to be touched up but RRL"s for some reason seam to be worse than most brands out there.  Its like they use instagram as their photo editor.  
Cheap up and down   UO military jacket (customized by adding length to hem) Zara linen pants RL camp shirt K.Cole green suede brogues       
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