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RRL belt I picked up at Woodbury last year  
Looks like a bunch of stuff has moved over to the clearance section.  Are we to see some of the newer stuff go to the sale section soon?
     The card wallet was from ebay.  I am pretty sure it was Silviob1999 who sold it to me.  The biker i bought at the Broadway store but there is a few still on ebay I linked below. As for the wallets, I think they are always coming out with versions that are equally as nice as some of the boutique makers.   Check this wallet out on ETSY .  Im sure u can tell I treated the hell out of the biker.  Its more of a cherry red now compared to its orange beginning DENIM...
Last few days (some repetition with the pants)   -Clydes 2x -Buckle back jeans 1x.  These started out a golden brown but have been dyed Indigo (turned them a steel blue) and now over dyed to their current color of military green. - hank  The wallets are up there as my favorite RRL items i own        
  Envy Jealousy Secret hater All things i feel for you and your Edward Green collection
And prices have bumped up a bit.  Items that were $195 in previous seasons are now $225.  
  When the stores had these items you would get something that was on sale for $200 on the site for an extra 25-40% off in store.  They def changed things quite a bit about 2 or 3 seasons ago.  I forget who alerted us but someone here mentioned the sales would change 
 Even the stores in NYC dont have sale items atm.  I called for the Lawford jacket and was told they sent everything but a few basics out.    
  I feel you on that.  It happens to be one of my favorite tee's to wear and theres 3 more in my closet.  The v as the day goes on gets deeper with wear but yes its def trashy regardless . Basically you are saying the tee & my fit is like a stripper wearing culottes with a bathing suit top and some heels
Haven't posted in here for awhile   RRL Self Dyed Deep V Thursday Boots Baileys Of Hollywood  Sofia by me  
New Posts  All Forums: