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Whats the deal with this?   Was it really limited to 18 ?    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Super-Rare-Ralph-Lauren-RRL-Limited-Edition-Sea-Bag-Vest-Size-L-/331130831106?pt=US_CSA_MC_Vests&hash=item4d18ef8102
Agreed that the Star iron ore is in a class all by itself but I am sure next year when the Conner is sold out I will be saying I wished I owned it.  After I get back from the outlet I will re-access what I want from this season & make a few purchases.  I am hoping to knock a few things off my list while at Woodbury like a bag, jackets & boots.  
Def a shirt I wish i owned.  I search for it daily..literally
I remember my 1st experience with a reseller on eBay..I bought a pair of A&Fitch sweatpants for $75 & then saw the same pair maybe a week later for $18...I was so mad I became a reseller.  I'm not saying this because I eventually became one but I worked so hard to find the stuff I sold....carrying 20 full bags through a mall or outlet & then running back in to finish it off.  I also had to develop relationships with managers & employees to allow me to wipe out entire sale...
Anyone going to be at the Woodbury Commons next weekend Saturday?  Taking the wife there for her yearly b-day spree & of course to hit up a few places for me.  Also I'd be willing to be on the look out for a few things if anyone needs something specific at cost of course.   WEATHER PERMITTING
I should have went with my suede To Boot side zips 
Good eye that u caught they are shit copies.  They're Lands End & are boots I wear for the rain & snow since they are literally made out of foogazzi plastic/leather The Scarf is the Zara piece by the way.
I know I should have taken a bit more time with the setting & taken out my camera.  The denim shirt is the Iron Heart-33  The hat style is a 1st of its kind for me.. $60 Macy's find so its pretty random but I do like it    Iv never been able to pull off or had the guts to commit to a hat that characterized my look so much. I'm just coming back from a "I don't care" time in my style so im toying with my looks a bit
PRL Jeans I just grabbed.  
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