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I am glad you guys stopped by the webstore.  I will be manning the chat so if there are any questions feel free to open a chat from the store
Just saw the Chambray workshirt on the Gustin live feed.  Looks amazing & likely the best of any to be delivered     Not my photo.  Boosted it off the poster
 This new price has the shipping included in it I believe
Lawless will be having a relaunch of their new website in the next few days.  Once we iron everything out with getting some of the new styles photographed & posted to the web I will give everyone a heads up as to the new site address as well as a 50% off promo code you can use on the site.  That is pretty big considering a custom pair of jeans runs $79 & a shirt $69.  The sale will go on for a minimum of 3 days and maybe a few days more
The Japan Blue offerings are so good.  I really like the broken twill Deep indigo & the Military monsters.
  I just type in www.ralplauren.com/presale   & then search rrl new. From there I get to see everything from brand new items to all the sale items.  Iv noticed that when I do that I see a few sale items that never pop up like the espadrilles & a hand full of other items.  Not sure why that works but it does Oh and click the total amount of items available for men & that will open all of it up
  There are plenty of RRL items on sale online.  Over 100 to be exact
This is what we are all waiting for.  I have items on order that will be held up by the KS orders but like you said I think we want Lawless to succeed more than anything because its going to be such a viable option for Heavy weight denim & with full customization to top it off
The Yelp reviews are alarming because thats all there is but most of them are from people who had issues with the amount of time it took to make the item which I can deal with.   I dont think they will have those issues especially since they now have over 50 people sewing.    No offence to the girl on Yelp who posted the review on her Denim jacket but with her chest size she doesn't belong wearing a short denim jacket like that let alone trying to button it .  I think it...
I have a few items being made including a pair of jeans & a work shirt so I have no direct experience with the products.  I do like that you can basically choose exactly what you want made & Roman will do it.  For instance I sourced some buttons & fabric for the lining of the pockets.     I don't know if its just me but I dig the idea that my purchases are being made specific to me unlike when you order a jean that came during a mass production which can go to anyone  ...
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