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Thank you Kiya for stopping in.  I have been to your NYC shop many times & met you once at the IH party a lil over a year ago.    Not trying to take anything from anyone especially someone like Roy who is likely the best of the best.  
Sure! Once Kickstarter orders are completed which should be by the end of November, all the web orders will be addressed in the order they came in.  We have set anything new coming it to be a 6-8 week wait at this time but that will change as we move along.  Making a shirt or a pair of jeans happens very quickly in a day mostly but its the amount ahead that will cause the wait
Yes you will get those exact measurements.  
  They look good.  Love to hear your thoughts on fit & construction
SHirtShirt charts are up as well as the chino The previous charts were taken down no to change anything but to add a line item. For instance if you need a 42 ptp you would have a actual chest that is a 38-> (tape measuring around your chest) 
He is definitely on it.  
Do not worry you will be taken care of.  Get on the chat in the store to get you squared up. Remember the shop is custom so we can make your item to your specs 
I should also say the Measurements for the straight were wrong BUT if you chose a sz with measurements you liked & we later change the sizing, you will still get what you initially wanted.  We aren't making or sending anything out as of yet.  We will be in contact via email & of course you as well if ever a question
Did you choose a style & sz & like the measurements attached to them?  If so then you are good.  If you want different measurements then respond to the confirm email with what you prefer
I am not in chat & I am not in the Shop.  I am in NY on this forum answering questions so I can get you your answer.  We are going to help you.  I also do not know what your name is as I doubt you used your handle from here in the chat
New Posts  All Forums: