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50% off everything in store including full custom where you get a custom patter cut for all future purchases.  Tomorrow we will release some new shirt & jacket styles for both men & woman with 10 new fabrics as well     Shop online HERE    
Postal HB WS paired with RRL Twill Buckles back pants.          
  I'd say they look pretty damn good for a $79 pair of 18.5 oz selvedge jean that is made just like anything else out there.  Hope you get years of wear out of them and thanks for supporting us 
  Great question!  No its only the waist measurement we take stretch into account.   Because we have full custom capabilities some customers are sending in their precise measurements and paying the one time pattern fee of $98.  Once they do this we will keep your pattern on file so that future purchases will have the perfect fit for you.  You will have to pay that $98 1x for the top and 1x for the bottom pattern if you want both but can do either one if you want..  During...
  EAST DANEMenlook
We are running a Sale till Monday with everything in store qualifying for the 50% off code "Blackfriday2014"  This sale will bring a few (5) new  selvedge denim options as well as 5 woman's shirt styles & 2 men's tops including a Pendleton lined  selvedge western shirt with hand warmer pockets.  Have a happy & safe Thanksgiving  All our designs are done in our own factory in Phoenix Arizona     SHOP THE LAWLESS  WEBSTORE FIT CHARTS          
We have a winter grey denim in the shop.  When I was in AZ I saw maybe 30 or 40 yards of it.  I can check for sure in a bit
Hi, Yes it is rigid and raw.  All our current fabrics are sanforized and Raw.  Actually the Military Drab is not bc that is post dyed and has a bull denim feel to it
Levis STF are meant to shrink more than the denim we have "Sanforized"  I wouldnt worry about to much shrinkage with our denims.  Just make sure you dont start of with an inseam that breaks like a perfect pair of pants
Tell me your order#.  Also let me know what you currently wear , what those tagged sizes are and i will tell you what size to get.   Also most denim will stretch.  We are selling many of the denim brands we are all familiar with so the stretch you get from our jeans will be no different from what you  find elsewhere.  Of course most denim will react differently to wear 
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