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Custom Kimono kid linen & denim  Jil Sander pant. Really like these.  The fabric is amazing & totally see thru.   I also think they may have a twisted leg with a hard taper Yoox random Greats    Not the best photo  
Can say the same about u bud. MORE
 So mad i didnt pull the trigger on that JS linen coat .  Looks great!
Thats awesome
Very cool stuff @snowmanxl .  
Coat is a beauty and the scarf id make a wardrobe out of it
    [[SPOILER]]    But in all seriousness,  How bad is it? U can use it as a layer piece or roll the sleeves a bit.  I have shirts I refuse to give up even though they are borderline made for alligators 
 Cut the hell outta them.  Not that the cuff is bad but i like the unfinished hem look
Yoox random's Asos I need some bulbous black shoes      
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