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Tell me your order#.  Also let me know what you currently wear , what those tagged sizes are and i will tell you what size to get.   Also most denim will stretch.  We are selling many of the denim brands we are all familiar with so the stretch you get from our jeans will be no different from what you  find elsewhere.  Of course most denim will react differently to wear 
 No do not do that.  What ever you buy will come in a half small.  So a 36 will measure 35.5.   If you have any questions about sizing feel free to shoot me a pm or call me.  I will give u my contact info via PM
 I need to get over to a store this weekend.  
Yes it is.   The only thing that will take longer is when you add the Full custom option but even that will only be a 1 time thing because we only need the pattern maker to do it once for the person needing it
New vs 2 months old.  Love these things.    
Thank you for giving us a shot.    We have 5 woman shirt styles going up by Friday along with 2 or 3 new men's shirts and jackets.  One of the shirts will have hand pockets
        We are running a Black Friday sale starting today through Cyber Monday at www.ra-denim.com .   Everything in store qualifies for the 50% code "Blackfriday2014"   The plan is to release a few new men's & woman's styles during this sale so look out for those as well.We have implemented a new feature where you can now choose full custom.  This will allow our customers to measure themselves for either a top or bottom so that we will keep these measurements on...
Please give me your order # and I will check to see where it is in production and make the change if possible PM me with info
 I think selvedge duck is such a popular fabric right now you almost have to sit at the fabric mills waiting for it to come of the machines.  I have been looking for some for a bit so we will have it soon.  The last time I was able to get some there was less than enough to make maybe 10 pairs of pants.  We try to avoid doing that unless we can grab it for a great price
I think the shrink was minimal but it definitely made it drape better.  It was stiffer when I got it.  I am very familiar with this fabric but haven't seen it sewed up yet so seeing it made as a shirt was a totally different experience compared to feeling it on a roll.
New Posts  All Forums: