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Happy Thanksgiving from da tree yutes .      
  Trust me i didnt move here for the style.  Everything you described is why i came and love it here.  NY has it all but somehow it has nothing. Phoenix was just my landing zone but we plan on getting somewhere a bit more quiet.  I figured anything slower than Phoenix might have been a shock for my wife who never visited AZ before we moved here.  I worked in Phoenix last year so thats what gave me the idea to come. As for the Tomales, Iv eaten a few from a seamstress who...
 Left NY 6 months ago for North Phoenix sandwiched between Deer Valley & Scottsdale .    I haven't found one store here that has a buyer with any clue.  No disrespect but not a place for style but then again i work from home so what do i know.  What i do know is everything revolves around gas station mini marts lol
No RRL but the pants are a thrifted pair of green labels.  I want to say they are Laurens but either way i like the fit.     Patching done by myself         
 No kidding within minutes of me posting that they suddenly sold out of XL (my size) lol.    Would love to see how they fit?  I am thinking of grabbing the Large but i think they need to be loose to look good?
Patchwork fit Iv been toying with sashiko & patching     [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
  No it isn't.  The shearling vest is but not the puffer.   RRL SALE
RRL snake buckle belt SOLD
 Love that coat.  A one piece suit wouldnt satisfy my love for moleskin lol.   There are a pair of  moleskin camp pants with a drawstring waist on Urban Outfitters for $50 that are calling my name
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