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The RL outlet stores are full of people with no idea what they are selling.  Many have no idea what RRL even is.   You are better off calling stores that carry RRL with hopes they didnt send it back to the warehouse.  Outlets from what I know arent getting what they did in the past so its unlikely they will have much 
Me too.  I love browns and greens which RRL happens to do a lot.  The fact that the weft is brown makes me think they def got a persimmon dip but thats just me hoping.  The description says the coin pocket is selvedge so i think they might be 
Love this color.  Looks to be persimmon dyed             RRL SLIM JEAN
Shill out man!  
 The dope should be banned for that shit. 
Those moleskin cargo's are amazing.  Would love to see a indigo dyed version (non washed)  
511's are a way better fit for me while the UB 101's thigh aren't even close to ok.  The rise also wont work but with you being a 29 waist they may be ok for u.  Im 220lbs on a good day so slims are as far as i come to anything skinny 
Unbranded's and N&F both have funny butt fits (for me at least)  Sizing up or down wont help much.  As for hemming, I would send em to Blueowl, SelfEdge or any of the other trusted places for that.  The selvedge will be saved as long as you dont get antsy and take em down the block to ur local dry cleaner unless they are aware of what selvedge means and how to work with it
You will def need ur thigh measured.  Based on ur waist alone the UB121 size 33 will be good.  Personally I cant wear the skinnies because the 34 & the 36 both have thigh measurements that are too slim for me.  I am left with the taperds because of that
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