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Yes I grabbed them off the web.  I picked up my usual 12 in most shoes/espadrilles which they are a tad tight in the toes because of how narrow they are but overall they fit fine.  The denim is thin so i am sure there is some stretching to follow.  If you like espadrilles like I do then these are...
Yes it was sent to my gmail.  I guess it doesn't work that way
The weird thing is I can see it in here.  Lets see if this works    
What don't you like?
Ended up hitting up the Bleeker st store today.  I am so glad i didn't get the Allen Work Jacket.  Yes it looks cool but the fabric was not impressive or maybe I just thought it would have been a heavier fabric.  It was quite light & def not worthy of its original $690 price tag.  There was so many better things I wasn't interested in off the web but thought were great in person.  The new sawtooth was made out of this silky shiny denim (amazing)  The Star Wrangler shirt...
Anyone willing to pick me up the Allen Work Jacket on their next store run in a L or XL   (XL preferred)  It's $300 in store..right?  Please PM me if anyone is willing.    
Anyone been to any of the NYC stores lately & which if any was stocked best?  I'm looking to head into the city today with money to burn
DOes anyone have any experience with the Portland Work jeans...are they sized like most of RRL bottoms 34 is a 36 waist?   http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=38348666&cp=11588650.12138266&ab=ln_men_cs_denim&view=99&parentPage=family        
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