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  Dont mind my tag but the RL laundered chino i received yesterday are so good i ordered 2 more pairs today
I received an order today & I am pretty impressed with these most even though they arent RRL.  If u can get a pair def jump on it they fit & look pretty cool on  
  My Clydes paired with a D&S vest i bought last yr & the Iron Heart 33.
What are u guys talking about when u say stacking the discounts.  I bought a few things (PRL) and got the $50 for $200 ...was there something else I could have done?
  Love this belt with my IH ducks
And are there any right now I can use to get the indigo drivers cap , low str8 buckle backs and the RL patch crossbody bag?  
Thanks,  I like a slim fitting buckleback.  Its also clutch when the belt loops are higher than the buckle.   Old Blue Co has 3 pairs that look to be the same fit with some cool details.  The Khaki color is perfect.  They also have a duck fabric which is dif than these 2    http://oldblueco.net/index.php?act=detail&id=156  
My Clyde trousers after 4 wears.  They started out way tight but loosened up to where they look spot on...Honestly one of the best fitting pants i own & the fabric on these is amazing.    
CSS2861 10%off   Are there any other online codes going on right now?  I am looking to grab some bottoms
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