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Hi,  Thanks for this great question.  The Green wefts have a indigo dyed warp(top) and a yellowish green weft (inside)  The green weft changes the look of the warp side by tinting it a bit but it is not over dyed.  Both were dyed separately .    other photo's you see are just a comparison to show you the difference between a standard indigo over white and the indigo over green. The Niphon Menpu denims are right up there as my favorite with the Candiani stuff.  I personally...
Ok a 30 Gustin starts out measuring 30.5.  If those are snug that means you are likely a true 31 waist.  If you chose a 31 waist in Lawless , They will arrive measuring 30.5 and stretch to a 31 (We size our jeans 1/2 smaller to account for stretching)  That means our jeans will stretch to tagged or tru size.  Now I think you can also buy a 32 with us which will arrive measuring 31.5.   To sum this up: Go with a 31 in Lawless to get a snug fit like your Gustins or take a 32...
 Right now they are going thru the test phase which means sewing some samples and then of course shrink testing.  Id say it will be a bit till we completely commit to them but from my 1st impression I like em a lot
Some new denim we are working on.  The possibilities are endless with this. 12-15oz selvedge   
Great pair of boots!  The laces really add to that design
Thank you,  That's a great denim.  The weft really gives it a great look
 I grabbed mine off ebay as well.  Cool color, looks great with those IxI jeans
I can give you a 50% refund or just add something for free.  Its up to you.  Either way with the refund because you just placed the order I need for the transaction to complete so I can apply the refund.  Let me know what you would like
no worries..give me ur order number and i will get u ur refund
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