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We typically have been posting whatever sample we made during the initial design.  I know that eliminates what you as a customer can picture with the other fabrics but with our current delay on getting orders out we decided to just keep the sample runs up.  We will do some more as we move along but production times has the largest amount of attention at the moment.  As we improve in that area I am sure many things will get some well needed attention.  We are still very...
The Candiani fabrics are really special.    For the record the khaki thread looks great and is what I chose on my pair posted above.  .  
We are working on spring summer releases so you will begin seeing some of the heavier shirting fabrics drop off and be replaced by some lighter fabrics.  We figure this would be good timing for our customers to begin planning for the warmer months considering the 8 to 10 week turn time.     Lets also hear what everyone is interested in seeing us put up.  Fabric weights, styles and whatever else you are looking for.  We are willing to make a few designs you guys come up...
Hi, When checking out there will be a box you can request things like the heritage pocket stitch. You will need to specify if you want it on front or back or both. This is also a good place to type any custom measurements if full custom is chosen
Hi Yes we have lighter fabrics that will go up soon.  We are about to begin releasing fabrics that will be good for spring and summer.  The 8 to 10 week turn time will get you these items in time for the spring weather
My 1st semi custom item from Lawless Denim. I went with the  Relaxed straight Brown weft 15oz with Khaki thread and military green pocket bags.  I had one thing modified and that was my thigh.  Everything else was based on the LD size chart.  I went 36 with my jean and trust me i have thighs and a thick butt so everything worked out exactly how I have always envisioned my jeans to be.  After I tried these on I put on my boots and began to cuff em how I do.   I started to...
Love those and yes worn hard.  
A customer asked this question so I thought it would be good to answer it here as well.   The question: "Roughly how many pairs would you say are being completed each week"?   The order system is really all over the place because we will pull orders to change measurements customers request.  That order will put back out of order. SO if an order gets cut and someone asks for buttons or thread to be changed after the order is already placed it loses its spot by how many...
Yes it helps prevent road rash.  The denim will shred but the kevlar is meant to help keep your skin safe.
Our first sample pair
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