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Banana''s ^^^^^
   I agree.  My problem is when I start messing around my ideas tend to get zero'd in on a particular idea so if I have 2 pieces they will likely end up looking the same.  Im lucky I stopped at the shirt and pants and didint patch the damn jacket while i was at it  lol.   The good news is I am finally getting ahead of what moving my family from NY to AZ did to my ability to shop.   So I patched and sewed each time I had the urge to buy something.  My style has definitely...
I would love to punch the guy who think thats a good thing in the face.  I know they are trying to avoid scams and lost packages but thats part of the game and shouldnt make online buying anymore difficult.  Its already a hassle when sizing with most not even taking the time to measure the shit they sell.    I mean u are selling online so why wouldnt u provide that.  The worst is when they use some universal sizing system  where they have the balls to give u hat...
Thank you Im having problems figuring out what to wear with these pants because of how wide the hem is. Assume I have whatever it is you think I should wear and tell me what would be best I also have 2 better fitting fatigues on the way so they should help out my optons As for the 2 top layers.  I started out the day with the custom noragi peaking out of the military jacket.  That got me thinking so I sewed on some fabric to add length and eliminate the need for the noragi...
Some more altering to my fillers.                 [[SPOILER]]
 Such patience you have.  I cant stand waiting so much that I all but eliminated international purchases.  It doesnt help that I live in a gated community where if u arent there for delivery you are SOL
I am thinking it was likely a small amount of people who actually noticed it which made it easy to just cancel.  If it had been a huge amount they would have let it go like usual but who knows.  
Amazing color combos @Gerry Nelson   and yes the pants def work 
Has anyone experienced the Briggs indigo canvas long jacket?  I am curious if it will wear baggy or be good for a slimmer look     BRIGGS
 Love everything . You guys have really been so good for me.   So many things I thought I would never wear are creeping into my style in one way or another.  
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