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Great stuff today. Would love to see more CDG 
Bummer I thought they were vanity sized  
There's a pair of sz Large patchwork pants on Yoox for $157  LINK
Definitely a helmet wearing short bus riding window licker .    [[SPOILER]]
Agreed! its not proportioned right but cool as individual pieces.     I mean its not the pieces themselves but how u paired them in a paper doll game kinda way, making your feet look Barbie doll sized
 Love em and they look great!  Really digging the waist band .   Are these made out of a twill fabric ?  I thought they were doing some sore of linen/cotton combo this time around based on the pre sale pics.    
Are those the Uniqlo x Lemaire pants ?
MOK you have so many great pieces.  I can only imagine what your closet(s) look like.  
Moknificent!   Shirt looks like it may the the high chin shirt ?
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