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I used a few RRL designs as a basis for a few custom pieces I am having made.  Ill get some pics up this weekend after I pick em up tomorrow.  
  Yup the sleeves and overall length are long on these westerns with me being forced to wear it tucked in.  On top of the length the chest on a XL came in a bit over 25inches PTP
  I have no issues with mine.  They are holding up just fine and look even better after some months of me doing everything from hiking to just walking around..  They are comfy as hell so great for anything Oh and no resoling done  Here are recent instagram posts with them https://instagram.com/p/69DHnJNciR/ https://instagram.com/p/63c8u3tcj7/ https://instagram.com/p/7Txuy6tcqj/
 So good!  Pants and blazer are beautiful.  Great job all around
 Iv had 3 or 4 of the LVC leathers and all of them were not worth the full ticket priceof $1800 .  The styles were great but at those prices u could get a custom leather from a top maker.  Not sure of the leather used but it was similar to what u would buy in a mall mostly
 Nice color on those...should wear in nicely 
presale is up but RRL isnt part of it    http://www.ralphlauren.com/presale
  I was wondering if this was a move Ralph made because he knew he would be stepping down.  Maybe to help bring up the margins?
  Ebay has many jackets just like this one.  You can find em for $50 to $200 all day.  If Kanye wore it, its out there in abundance.  I bet Yoox will have something similar as well
 I bought some good fabric from Jim at kimonoboy. There is a section of sake bag fabric that would make for a great piece.  He is american but lives in Japan with his wife who also happens to have an Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/shop/indigobluejapan    She carries most of the left overs jim wont put up on his store JIM https://www.kimonoboy.com/
New Posts  All Forums: