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Ok here is my b4 and afters.  Like I said i washed in machine on cold and then dried the shirt on high for about 25 min.  I think it looks a bit better so I am quite happy with the result but even more with the shirt itself   The photo's with me in the IH duck pants are the after washing & drying.  Anyone know what I have sticking out of my left pocket?                
As long as it isnt in production.  If it is we take it out and will have to possibly re do it.  We try to avoid that but you can send us a message thru ur order page and I will check for u
   I do lol
It just makes for a high contrast fade.  Its not that it necessarily will fade faster but when it does it really pops
I agree but unfortunately I doubt Gustin made these with a mechanic or a manual laborer in mind.  The fit is fine but it could have been 1 inch or so shorter.  Let me just say my body type needs more room so I welcome it more than a skinny feller.  Most of the people who look for the so called perfect fit in jeans & especially shirts forget that denim shrinks regardless of  it being sanforized or one wash so starting out with a bit of room is a good thing.  I own a Iron...
Its been cold washed and dried on high heat.  It shrunk up a bit but still is a bit long.  This denim is from Candiani mills in Italy.  Who i like much more than most of the Japanese mills.  
I would say the Kuroki 14 oz white selvedge id and the Kaihara 2x1 13,5 oz fade fairly well.  My Cone peach selvedge is real inky and those also bleed alot.  Of course you can go with the Indigo X Indigo that will give the most prominent fades 
I'll have one of my sewers take care of it.  I don;t want anyone thinking i'm not happy with this because I am seriously impressed & happy.   Just that one flaw which they should adjust moving forward as most have found the G WS too long
Got my Postal HB WS Classic XXL.  Its really long but G made it to long in the 1st place so having it come in .625 longer than that makes it even worse  Even with that 1 mistake I think the shirt is a Home run for my big shoulders, chest and belly.  I have issues in these areas so having this fit like it does makes me real happy.  A soak or wash will bring it in a bit so i am sure the fit will improve.  I'd say this shirt easily is my favorite in my closet full of heavy...
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