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 I don't think anyone is saying you are wrong to feel as u do.   Stop arguing with people that are feeling the same as you
Thought id throw my LD jeans up for ur viewing.  These are the Niphon Menpu Beige wefts 15 oz slim straights. I think they are 9 months in with me wearing em daily for the bulk of that    3 or 4 months no water but since then maybe 10 washes                
  Nailed it!!     Smart man you are lol  I tried to make this point a few times but you really nailed it with this post.  
Agreed!  What a bone head
From what i know there is nothing to give bud.  Last i heard they were trying to get funds to be able to refund people as well as finish orders for those who are willing to accept RTW items.
 Sorry bud!!   I wish i could have done more for everyone.  
At this point it looks like LD is looking for people to ask for refunds as it is cheaper to refund than it is to make these items at a loss.  I would get a refund unless u dont care about the risk
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