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I added some instructions on how to be added to the KS 50% off  for 5 year group in the Kickstarter messages page.  Please head over there if you backed the Lawless campaign,   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lawlessdenim/put-americans-to-work-making-heritage-jeans/comments
My Lawless Slim Straight Semi's in Niphon Menpu 15 oz with Military green pocket bags and Heritage pockets.  The vneck tee is also Lawless as well.  I like that the tee has longer short sleaves      
LAWLESS DENIM on Fox 10 in Arizona  http://www.fox10phoenix.com/clip/10947325/typad-lawless-denim.         I thought tv added 10 pounds not 30.  Can I be any plumper lol
Ok I just posted this on the Lawless Denim Kickstarter page   Hi Kickstarter backers,   I always believe that you can never know how good a company is until they make a mistake or they disappoint.  We know you have certain expectations and so do we.  I am happy to be able to say I work for a owner that understands this but also felt we needed to do something for you.  Without Kickstarter we could never have dreamed the way we do now.  My own families life has changed...
As long as the garment you gave has a good enough fit you are fine.  If they have been stretched they will come in sized big.  If you measured a pair that has been washed and now shrunk, they will come in tight.  If you say they are just right & tight then you are good to go. The 8 oz woman stretch is not anything more than some HOTT pants.  They look great on but are not selvedge so be sure thats ok.   My wife makes an occasional dip into a pair of jeans and a button down...
AWESOME!!   Love when the wives get involved in denim.  I tried getting my nerd wife into denim when I bought her some RRL selvedge skinnies.  SHe wore em maybe 5 or 6 times teaching but hated it because I bought them way to tight for her liking (giggles) I think I ruined it for her because now she thinks every raw selvedge will feel like that..My mistake  Wish you and your wife a Merry Christmas.  I am sure we will be talking soon
Body measurements.  Some give garment because maybe they like their item tighter or looser than body.  We do go off of actual body though but will adjust accordingly as requested
TBH I havent seen it in a jacket yet but its pretty rigid and at 15oz quite heavy.  Id say its gonna make for a great jacket.
I have an idea for you bud. PM ME
Do you mean my personal pair?  I have 2 right now.  The 14oz Cone peach ID's and the Niphon Menpu 15oz 
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