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 Ehh buttons fall off all the time.  Its not cause it wasnt made well or anything but yes quite fitting since i erupted on the poor thing lol
EIther way its a cool jacket.  I am sure its common to call it Sashiko fabric since its imitating how a repair would be applied but in a cleaner non "wabi Sabi" manner.     I didn't mean to take a shot at it but only wanted to imagine what it was made out of.    So don't mind my need to create a picture in my head.  
I know they are regular kendo Gi's but the fabric you typically see on one is similar to what is being sold by brands like Blue Blue & now Rogue Territory.     My question was " Is the jackets fabric similar to what u get from a Kendo ( I know i left off the Gi)
 Most of these brands like to use the word "SASHIKO" to describe their stuff but in reality its closer to how Kendo jackets are made.   http://well-spent.com/kiriko-vintage-sashiko-indigo-kendo-jackets/   of course i am referencing the fabric being used and not the style of jacket
 Of course i see it now that u said it.  Is it more like a Kendo jacket fabric?
 Whats the indigo jacket and is it wool?
  LOVE THE SHIRT. And by far my favorite RW boots 
 Thats my point .  The shirt doesn't have anything close to the detail that goes into a $700 Visvim or Kapital shirt.  Those shirts should be limited because of the work that goes into some of them but this one I swear I can make myself.  I can make 10 and call it limited where the price  on this one would tell you its got some deadstock fabric or something. I know some things are meant for the affluent market but RRL has a cult following who likely shrugged their...
No offense but the price tag they put on that shirt not only keeps we me away bc of affordability but also out of principle.  That shirt may go down as one of my least favorite RRL pieces ever.  I mean it isnt because i wouldnt wear it because i would but man is it a joke.  SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS.  Id rather eat shit.     I know thats a bit harsh but it just gets me so irked.  I even thought the guy who posted the listing might have typed a 7 instead of a 3 for $395
Followed.  God I love seeing the inside of those stores almost as much as the product itself
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