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Yes this is normal with any fabric that doesnt have a self edge (finished edge).  All woven fabrics will fray by the way
 The legendary Mr. Landa as always better than ever
 Viberg service boot may be the best looking boot around, nice slim silhouette, perfect for up or down dressing 
You should ask bandana almanac about sizing.  He knows everything you need to know about Kapital http://bandanna-almanac.com/ http://www.kapital.jp/e-store/
  Agreed on the sweaters.  I even think DS has great sweaters
 I am a RRL fan without a doubt but some of their eye candy pieces when in hand end up being no better than mall quality disappointments.   RRL does patterns and styles really well but their fabric is nothing special in comparison to the price.  For instance they did this amazing work jacket I drooled over with a MSRP of $800 but when I went to the store it was honestly no better than the gap.  This is why i wont buy full price unless i see it in store.     I should say...
 Yessir both were made  based on designs i wanted.  There are a few pieces I love from RRL I wish they wouldnt put thru the ringer by distressing them to hell.  Of course some are done fine but some of the pants are a lil over board IMO
Ok as i said i had these RRL pants custom made but using raw Kaihara 13.5 oz selvedge.  Went with a slim straight cut.   
Brooklyn is a great place for a RRL. There is a huge community of people who fit right in with the RRL aesthetic.  If anything it is the perfect demo for a RRL store
I used a few RRL designs as a basis for a few custom pieces I am having made.  Ill get some pics up this weekend after I pick em up tomorrow.  
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