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I bought em in a 11 which I wear in Red Wing Iron Rangers and both fit me perfect.  Both are a full size down for me which it seems is a bit different than what others may tell you
Love those and yes worn hard.  
 Man are those absolutely beautiful.  Something about the burgundy leather that makes it look so much richer
Great pair of boots!  The laces really add to that design
 I grabbed mine off ebay as well.  Cool color, looks great with those IxI jeans
To keep things in order please post any questions in the thread linked below.  We are now an affiliate brand so feel free to hop on over to our new affiliate thread      GO HERE ------>  LAWLESS OFFICIAL AFFILIATE THREAD 
Hi Brad,  If you feel the 32 measures to high lets figure something out that may be wrong here.  The Scotch & Soda jeans measure 28 or are they tagged 28?  If you can measure them with the front and back waistband lined up in the middle of the jean .  I also want to see what the thigh measures.  After you come up with these measurements I want you to tell me how each of those areas fit on you.  Are they tight, loose or perfect.  Once I know these things I can give you a...
I am really digging that Grey Wool City Coat. 
This will be released as well.  This sample is made out of Japanese 9 oz selvedge denim with a brown weft  
Hi Adam,  We have a few up now with more to be released over the holiday weekend.  Over the next few days we will be adding more and more fabrics
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