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 Iv always wanted a pair of Century jeans.  Nothing like em and with the repairs iv seen on them, I only want them more.
 Definitely! I have something on the way.   Id like to pick up some creepers or maybe something with a high lug sole and of better quality than these.  I'm not sure if  they'll work but it'll be the 1st time I venture into anything bulky.     [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
Same blazer as yesterday HM x2      
Asos Yoox Jil Sander Birks      
Great stuff today. Would love to see more CDG 
Bummer I thought they were vanity sized  
There's a pair of sz Large patchwork pants on Yoox for $157  LINK
Definitely a helmet wearing short bus riding window licker .    [[SPOILER]]
Agreed! its not proportioned right but cool as individual pieces.     I mean its not the pieces themselves but how u paired them in a paper doll game kinda way, making your feet look Barbie doll sized
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