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And are there any right now I can use to get the indigo drivers cap , low str8 buckle backs and the RL patch crossbody bag?  
Thanks,  I like a slim fitting buckleback.  Its also clutch when the belt loops are higher than the buckle.   Old Blue Co has 3 pairs that look to be the same fit with some cool details.  The Khaki color is perfect.  They also have a duck fabric which is dif than these 2    http://oldblueco.net/index.php?act=detail&id=156  
My Clyde trousers after 4 wears.  They started out way tight but loosened up to where they look spot on...Honestly one of the best fitting pants i own & the fabric on these is amazing.    
CSS2861 10%off   Are there any other online codes going on right now?  I am looking to grab some bottoms
I'v heard about the rot thing but its been 2.5 years with about 4 apps on the belt i wear and its fine.  I like the color i get from it more than anything iv used.  I think i read that on the Iron Heart forum but the guy said it was his cutting board that got the smell & rot   .
My new RRL wallet.  I darkened the leather with some olive oil which I use for belts as well.  It came with a redish burgundy color.  It now has a much darker brown   Flash & no flash        
Ok I went to Bloomingdales today for their 50% off sale & bought myself the PRL oilcloth jacket i wanted.  Ended up getting it for $225.  Their online store has it for $476 so I'm pretty happy.   I also saw the purple label version ($600) at the off the rack store in Garden City L.I that was not distressed & a much cleaner look.     Sorry for the crappy cell pics    
I must have been a bad husband this year... it looks like ill be buying my own RL oil cloth jacket...Probably for the better considering since i last posted the RL version I haven't stopped looking at the Belstaff  trailmaster .  I kinda dig that it has a few more bells & whistles like the buttons that pop
I have 2 pretty good Marshalls by me that usually carry lots of RL polos, pants and jackets...Lets hope ur theory comes to fruition for all of us near a few
Yea I am glad I tried it on because I wouldnt have thought to buy it if I saw it on the web.  Makes me think how many great items I probably passed up because i have become such a lazy eweb shopper.  
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