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Would love to see a pair of jeans with a buckleback or a chino made in that postal selvedge fabric currently used for the work shirt (Backed)      
Do we know the name of it or anything about it?  I have a knack for finding stuff 
TY,   Thanks to Etsy for her outfit.  I Love that site...I find great fabric & thread I use for some of the patching & sashiko repairs I started messing with.
 Stag has this   http://www.stagaustin.com/brands/rrl/rrl-lismore-deck-jacket-fw14.html
I have the olive pair in a size 34 which fits my 36 waist perfectly.  They look amazing on & are my favorite fitting bottom of any of my pants.  
Indigo selvedge Duck Kerouac from the seconds section 36w   Had to have these after seeing the Fade Friday submission last week.  Def a bit tight in the thigh area which caused the pockets to pop out a bit but its calmed down after a few days of wear  
Left Field Duck's X RRL    
        Hope you guys don't mind the non RRL photo's  I wore my 1922 Buckle back's for my daughters 2nd B-day party in my backyard last weekend & yes I am wearing sandles.  RRL bandanna also pictured
  I mean does this mean we will get outlet prices but online or does it mean they are eliminating the outlet benefit altogether?
I remember seeing white pants on the big table in the back to the right...it could have been shorts but i was under some sort of spell where i was keying on certain items
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