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Those boots are bananas ^^^
@soqueriaterum   Not a BBJ but did u happen to see the Journal Standard indigo linen shop coat?    [[SPOILER]]
 Agreed, especially with some high rise pants.  
 Thank you!    The weather in the valley is already getting into the 90's so I was almost forced to rethink how I wanted to dress.  When I arrived in Phoenix last July, I was amazed at how 125 degrees feels lol.   I also drive a black car with leather seats so you can imagine what that felt like.  My entire wardrobe was instantly useless.    As for the shoes ME TOO!!
You're amongst friends, loosen up the fache. ^^^^^^
Rayon customized shirt by cutting off the collar, removing buttons and altering the sleeves to be 3/4 length Pants are made out of super comfy rayon but cheap none the less Tee Scotch & Soda  
 Iv always wanted a pair of Century jeans.  Nothing like em and with the repairs iv seen on them, I only want them more.
 Definitely! I have something on the way.   Id like to pick up some creepers or maybe something with a high lug sole and of better quality than these.  I'm not sure if  they'll work but it'll be the 1st time I venture into anything bulky.     [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
Same blazer as yesterday HM x2      
Asos Yoox Jil Sander Birks      
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