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A customer asked this question so I thought it would be good to answer it here as well.   The question: "Roughly how many pairs would you say are being completed each week"?   The order system is really all over the place because we will pull orders to change measurements customers request.  That order will put back out of order. SO if an order gets cut and someone asks for buttons or thread to be changed after the order is already placed it loses its spot by how many...
Yes it helps prevent road rash.  The denim will shred but the kevlar is meant to help keep your skin safe.
Our first sample pair
 HI emptym, Thank you for the welcome in to the forum Yes kevlar is possible and part of the 50% off promo.  It cost $98 but will run you $49 after discount plus the cost of the denim.  Total will be under $90 for everything.  The kevlar will cover the entire jean down to the ankle.   There is no need to size differently because the kevlar is in the jean so choose your normal true size. The womans stretch denim will shrink a smidge but nothing you need to plan for.  
 Im excited for you.  I post a few photo's of finished product on my IG  http://instagram.com/dirty_denim
I agree.  I'd like for a some of you who have received your orders to also post a few fits as they come in.  While I am in AZ i will try and get up some more fits as well as some more customer finished product.  I have maybe 20 or 30 orders that are going out from todays production I can snap photo's of 
I thought I would update everyone here.  We are a bit behind in production .  The current rate to complete orders is pushing 10 weeks.  To give you an idea I placed an order on Oct 2nd and my order just got finished today.  Thats 9 weeks 1 day.  I would say this is a comfortable production rate for us at the current time.
 Man are those absolutely beautiful.  Something about the burgundy leather that makes it look so much richer
Order has the 32 waist completed.  YEs these will come in fairly close to what ur Gustins are coming in at.  The 32 will start at 31.5.  
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