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RRL Vintage piece i grabbed on ebay  RRL low straights 1 wash RRL Denim wallet LVC Bedford trucker   I also grabbed the olive green jeans from Bloomingdales & actually like them alot.  Ill get some fit pics of them up in a bit  
Its the RL oil cloth biker. I grabbed it at Bloomingdales who has a lot more.  The Polo store in there has a pretty good sales section right now with lots of goodies at 50% off 
Green Day today RL X 3 RRLx2 Sorry for poor cell pics   
Friday workwear New pair of Dockers I found for $15 which i like a lot Jcrew sweater Asos tee Hand made Bag off Etsy  
  Just got a few new things in the mail.  The tee is the RL version of the RRL indigo pocket tee.  The fit on this is much better than the boxy RRL version I also own.  I also received the Old Blue Co Indigo x Indigo work trousers I posted recently that are very similar to the Clydes but are sized a bit bigger 
Here they are but in only 36x30  http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=22874586
I actually own that shirt and its def great looking and has potential to age pretty well
I want 1 as well.  I might just grab the one on the site for $95.   Does anyone have any experience with the driving caps?  I really want one of those but am scared at the one size fits all thing
Yea the pockets & fit make these a lot more stylish.   I just gave up a pair of J brands I loved so these are great considering I how much I love army green cargos with denim tops.  
I actually have the 1st pair in my saved items but the 2nd pair u bought are so good.  I never saw those.  I have to say i do like the slim bottoms on the pair i grabbed & the fabric is better than the price  
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