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Great pair of boots!  The laces really add to that design
Thank you,  That's a great denim.  The weft really gives it a great look
 I grabbed mine off ebay as well.  Cool color, looks great with those IxI jeans
I can give you a 50% refund or just add something for free.  Its up to you.  Either way with the refund because you just placed the order I need for the transaction to complete so I can apply the refund.  Let me know what you would like
no worries..give me ur order number and i will get u ur refund
Simple.  just choose the large and ask to make the shoulder the measurment u need
CYBER MONDAY SALE GOING ON 50% code is Blackfriday2014  
Candiani denims are real special.  My favorite denim by far.  Its not crispy rigid but def stiff.  Easier breakin experience but also different than any denim out there.
Hi Sam, I believe I took care of this already.  Please confirm that was your order. Actually the best way to do it is direct from our webstore.  When you log in you can send messages attached to your order.  It is a better way to do it because it keeps the message actually attached to the order in question.   This is something I wish everyone to do who reads this.  
New Posts  All Forums: