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    Bunch of cheapies & maybe a bit of a reach for me   Armani Exchange Pants  - maybe the oldest thing i own .  I think they might be 15 or more yrs old  Shirt & Jacket H&M  (oops shirt is Gap) Scarf is Zara Vintage pin from Etsy
Crosspost waywt   RRL clydes  RRL tee LVC 67 trucker Thursday Diplomats Hollows Leather belt Random hat    
    RRL buckle back trousers (waxed twills) RRL indigo tee LVC 67 trucker Thursday Boots Hollows Leather belt Random hat
Thursday says TTS but I downsized.  I wear an 11 in Red Wing Iron Rangers and went with an 11.5 in the diplomats which fit perfect.  Most say TTS tbh so i dont know
No they will be honored just like the last time this happened and that was a 75% off code that went viral
DUDE lol
 Don't forget, cute as a button But seriously that belted blazer looks great.  I wish I had the eye to see more than the eye catching Kapital piece.  Its kind of like when you are young dumb and ..... , you walk right past the girl who will make you happy and make  a B line for the boobs
Independence Chicago just posted a few of his pieces.  I'd take any one of them but that poncho in particular is beautiful   https://independence-chicago.com/brands/ermanno-gallamini/    
Yes this is normal with any fabric that doesnt have a self edge (finished edge).  All woven fabrics will fray by the way
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