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  I bet it was another mistake and wasnt supposed to be part of the code.  Its not working for me as well
Stan ray  ( Really like these) H&M  Jcrew Red Wing    
 I am on the fence with this one although I like it.  The way they mimicked the way a hank would fade is awesome but the pattern has me doubting if i will wear it more than a few times.  
I mean those are pretty good scores man.  
Fit is spot on perfect @Auximenes   those the pants and boots man
oops the bottom right with the stitch detail.  I think it had a different color inside   Ok i was thinking of this one  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-RRL-Western-Stiched-Tan-Blue-USA-Made-Leather-Bifold-Wallet-/172013765618?hash=item280cd1c3f2:g:omIAAOxyPLpRevAi
 Nothing better than RRL wallets.  The bottom left wallet looks amazing.   I came close to grabbing the bottom left right (natural leather) on ebay, how is it?  Doesn't it have a Turquoise insert 
Love the look of this.  The fabric looks to be pretty badass as well and at $195 WINNER        
 Ehh buttons fall off all the time.  Its not cause it wasnt made well or anything but yes quite fitting since i erupted on the poor thing lol
EIther way its a cool jacket.  I am sure its common to call it Sashiko fabric since its imitating how a repair would be applied but in a cleaner non "wabi Sabi" manner.     I didn't mean to take a shot at it but only wanted to imagine what it was made out of.    So don't mind my need to create a picture in my head.  
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