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Time to re-think who you think is your audience.  I mean its fine to take part in this thread but don't advertise your blog here.  
 Ahhh SummerofKent or is it SpringofKent
Barely small at the top but should stretch anyway and besides i am sure u feel it being small more than it visually looks   @DeadBoy    Keep it buttoned to help stretch it horizontally at those stress points
Definitely one of my favorite people to get subscription emails from ^^^^   Your previous fit with the Devoa blazer and thrifted pants was awesome
 Ahh its good to see em IRL.   They had these really cool paneled pants (Vega's) and my favorite the Xaviers.  By the way great customer service at Chapter.  They broke down their sizing and cuts from top to bottom for me, explaining how each are meant to be worn as well as how to size depending on what you are looking for
I dont think thats much more than the shoe its self not matching the way you may walk.  I personally wont buy drivers due to my experience with a pair where I shredded the toe within a handful of wears.  That same shoe was bought by my friend and his were spotless.  I think the design of the shoe can be a bad match for a persons stride, flat or arched foot and etc.     Another thing is how my car wont get any scratches on its rims when i drive it but when my wife does,...
 Def one of my favorites,  Yohji looks great on you 
Found a few cool pieces on Century   Much better brand selection than before and at lower prices than Yoox.  Theres some Silent, Margiela and Masnada which i personally liked a lot  Oh and a few Haider Ackerman pieces as well including a dbl breasted linen sport coat     All 3 are Transit for under $260    
Awesome!   Exactly what i want with it being breezy & light weight.  Whats the color look like IRL?   I know its washed but I hope its a lil more blue IRL
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