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Have you seen any brown weft denim heavier than the 12-13oz range we've seen.  Would love to see something made around 15-18 oz if possible.  The warp could be dark like the persimmon or lighter like the blue neps.  PLEEAASE!!!
  I know 14oz is great but i own an IH 12 oz (IHSH 33) & it wears like a jacket.  It feels a lot heavier wearing 12 oz up top than when on ur legs 
Loving the new cone 101 WS & the Antigue Nep blue jeans
Work shirts sound great as do the hank dyed loomstates
  Thank you for pointing that out...of course I read that the way my brain told me to 
I know these are a pretty old pair but is it me or does the supposed dirty fade pair have white weft instead of the beige/brown they claim will cause a "Dirty" fade?  A good indicator is the selvedge id which has more of a beige look to it up against the weft white yarns   http://www.blueowl.us/product/naked-and-famous-weird-guy-dirty-fade-145oz-indigo-selvedge/#          
  I don't mind LVC pre distressed jeans but prefer the styles that are like the Rag Top wash that have a dirty tint to them.  The bright washed pairs like those above are to washed and tattered for me  
That looks amazing
Iv been dying for some indigo dyed moleskin...similar to the french workwear jackets. Visvim is using moleskin really well but pre distressed which i dont want  
Duh the tag also says they are left hand twills 
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