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 I believe toe
Unionmade has em
  Ah man good one.  
Amazing @Lorcan7    Reminds me of      
Still need to mess around with this a bit     [[SPOILER]]
  Congrats!  and def one of my favorites from you and others
  When i was a kid my friend and I would share our toys and eventually clothes when we got older....Need a friend? Another closet I want to raid
Really like that look^^^.  The jacket and hat work perfect together.     If the jeans were higher waisted, I would prefer the tuck 
 I think his fits are more than fine but I wouldn't have lead with I pulled something similar to @conceptual 4est , wearing my Zara stuff and then linked my blog.  I do think his not knowing how a WAYWT thread operates cost him (if that even matters IRL)  His approach was way to "speaking to my blog readers" like but again nothing wrong with his clothes.  
Time to re-think who you think is your audience.  I mean its fine to take part in this thread but don't advertise your blog here.  
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