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 Hi,  CC co is your best route from what people are saying.  Many have been getting chargebacks even though its over the normal time.  The banks are reviewing what has been said on the forums and ruling in favor of the customer  so def give that a go
Roman had every chance to make things right.  He had a few people interested in his venture .  We were working out a few things that I thought would take care of the backlog.  I know some may think Roman set out to scam everyone but that wasnt the case.  He had good intentions but his bad decisions were the issue.  After many of those I began looking into a few things to see how far behind and how much money we were losing.  I did not have access to exacts but knowing a...
I wish someone would call him out as i am sure he has another acct he doesnt want to ruin his rep with
 You speak the truth .  That was my job from almost 3000 miles away.  Many of what i did was done remotely in NY so I was left to be a middleman .   Stop acting like u didnt know that.  U are great at hindsight and taking things out of context, aren't you.  When I went to phx I was inundated with nothing of substance so the 5 times i was there I started to figure stuff out.  That doesn't mean that there wasn't any truth to what he promised.  Every time i was there I was...
Iv owned their Chambrays but never with hemp.  The one I had was super rigid just like some raw denim.  I loved that shirt but unfortunately I lost it in my move this year
Boot cut sizing   Waist Hip Rise Around the thigh Around the hem Inseam 28 "-30" 78.5 cm 99.5 cm 18.0 cm 57.0 cm 39.0 cm 80.0 cm 29 "-30" 81.0 cm 102.0 cm 19.0 cm 58.0 cm 40.0 cm 80.0 cm 30 "-30" 83.5 cm 104.5 cm 20.0 cm 59.5 cm 41.0 cm 80.0 cm 31 "-32" 86.0 cm 107.0 cm 20.5 cm 60.5 cm 42.0 cm 85.0 cm 32 "-32" 88.5 cm 109.5...
 Im not answering for him but everyone already knows what u are saying and how u feel.  U are doing and saying what google and that forum u love to hate already does which is paint a picture of what Lawless is and did.  This isn't a basketball game being broadcast on the radio where u need a commentator to explain each basket or foul.   Give it a rest and dedicate ur time to happier things.   Life is full of colorful things to do instead of hiding behind one of ur secret...
 Good one!  Ah shucks 
  Such the detective you are.  Talented and full of hindsight. U know my ex girlfriends were all nice and loving until the truth came out.   
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