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 I honestly felt this one was just a nice as the similar RRL at the time but of course if i had  won the Powerball i would have went with the $800 RRL versions
 The wash only worsened the holes and all 5, yes 5 developed from wear somehow.  They began as some yarns busting but got worse over the last few months.  The button holes have also crapped out.  I have many sweaters including a few with large yarns like this one and none ever had this happen.   It only got a soak by filling up my washer once to shrink its enormous length after gravity stretched the sshit out of it  It got as long as a 3/4 length coat `
Bought this a year ago with it almost instantly developing these holes. They are obviously much worse after i washed. Its the D&S version but still pricey when i bought it. Did anyone else experience this with any of the prior and current RRL renditions?
Out in Delaware for my neices basketball tournament. Figured we would stop for some philly cheese steaks at Jim's Steaks wizz and steaks. Typical everyday bum wear Diesel 5 pocket sweats Ralph lauren vest Custom linen chambray Red wing Yankees fitted
For every @RegisDB9 there are a hundred @DirtyDenim who look like this no matter what polo they put on or at least thats how i feel i look    
Iv tried a few cool polo's (RRL & RL did a nice patchwork) but  most have that unflattering elastic cuff or the guaranteed collars becoming a vert ramp .  Nails on a chalk board man..nails on a chalk board
God  Goodness I hate polos more than any one piece of clothing.   Oh and those stupid sneakers too..the worst
 Yes one of my favorites for sure
  I bet it was another mistake and wasnt supposed to be part of the code.  Its not working for me as well
Stan ray  ( Really like these) H&M  Jcrew Red Wing    
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