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They had 1 pre distressed slim in sz 28-36.  The 25% off coupon def works but it required the manager to find a code to use in that code binder they have.  Took a few photos while I was there as well part of my get up & some guys uni brow I had to photo   
Not to many other than the cords and a handful mixed in. I'm heading back now so ill get a better look because yesterday I was doing quick hits of must haves .
Bunch of new stuff came in at woodbury today. 32 -36 buckle backs about 6 pairs and some sweaters. They also had these denim cargo pre distressed jeans iv never seen. Belts were in abundance as well as new bags. All this was brought out while I was there. They rearranged the back 2 walls. I bought my girl 2 pairs of jeans ..1 brown with a black dye to it and another pre distressed for $67 total. Sale is 50-75% lowest tagged plus the 25% coupon I posted. I'll get...
AHHH to bad.  I'll figure something out when im there.  
Ok i just found one on retailmenot...25% off Polo Factory stores.    
Hey are there any outlet coupons I can get?  I'm spending the weekend around the Woodbury Outlet today & tomorrow & woulld appreciate anything you guys have.  
LASTCHANCE20  Only on items marked with the last chance banner on them
  If I remember right...Rising sun had a cool feature added to a contest jean they made for Denim Bro's,  bank bags for the pockets.  
Yes they were likely all different & up there in price
Whats the deal with this?   Was it really limited to 18 ?    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Super-Rare-Ralph-Lauren-RRL-Limited-Edition-Sea-Bag-Vest-Size-L-/331130831106?pt=US_CSA_MC_Vests&hash=item4d18ef8102
New Posts  All Forums: