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Indigo selvedge Duck Kerouac from the seconds section 36w   Had to have these after seeing the Fade Friday submission last week.  Def a bit tight in the thigh area which caused the pockets to pop out a bit but its calmed down after a few days of wear  
Left Field Duck's X RRL    
        Hope you guys don't mind the non RRL photo's  I wore my 1922 Buckle back's for my daughters 2nd B-day party in my backyard last weekend & yes I am wearing sandles.  RRL bandanna also pictured
  I mean does this mean we will get outlet prices but online or does it mean they are eliminating the outlet benefit altogether?
I remember seeing white pants on the big table in the back to the right...it could have been shorts but i was under some sort of spell where i was keying on certain items
Stopped by Broadway store today...Loaded with many of the newer items including the bib henley I posted from the Japan site.  Apparently only 16 were made for the U.S with 4 going to the Broadway store.  They said people immediately came looking for it & sold out same day.  The fireman's coat in the Kendo cotton was limited to 50 worldwide & that sold out immediately as well. I got to see it in person including the bib henley & both are amazing.  I pretty much had the...
Its on the Japan site  http://www.ralphlauren.co.jp/men/rrl/fleece-and-tees/bib-front-pullover-410466/416107#1407456029886 
This too  
This is pretty cool..I Hope this means Ralph is on his way to some Japanese folk wear styles with him doing this in a kendo like fabric.       
Found this on Beacons closet.  They have a few RL items but this being the only vintage piece worthy of a look.     http://www.beaconscloset.com/collections/gentlemens/products/style-country 
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