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RRL snake buckle belt SOLD
 Love that coat.  A one piece suit wouldnt satisfy my love for moleskin lol.   There are a pair of  moleskin camp pants with a drawstring waist on Urban Outfitters for $50 that are calling my name
  Both coats are excellente.    I really like the oversized pockets on the navy coat!?
   TY.  They are LVC from 2 seasons ago.  The jeans are the 1922 RRL buckle backs which have suspender buttons If you only knew how badly I dressed.  Lots of Gucci, & YSL mixed in with True Religion jeans.  Ill find a epic photo lol   I did the diet thing which got me down to my current 215-220 but thats where iv settled.  What I thought to be lucky with working from home turned out to be a free run at my fridge at any time :)
     What i would do to have my shape prior to getting married and becoming a father.    Before ( 190lbs  May 2011 )       AFTER   ( This was for my daughters Farm themed party in 2014 where I was at my biggest 240lbs ) 
Are we talking about downsizing based on RRL's vanity sized bottoms or are some actually taking it further by buying a tagged 32 (measured 34) with a (body) waist that measures 36?
  Low straights are excellent.  Every measurement is right on the money for me.  They give you all the benefits of a nice fitting jean without looking skinny.  They are also comfy to wear 
  Broadway for its size and selection but Bleeker for its nice confined space that will allow you to see everything clearly.  I almost always go to both but Broadway is my choice.  Broadway also has a nice selection for woman so ikeep that in mind f your are going with a GF or wife.  As for other stores the Bleeker st store has some good shopping and eats within walking distance.   Others: - Blue & green in Soho- Self Edge on Orchard street .   On the corner you will find...
GO  UP              I Price  V  
 Love that jacket and i bet that shirt is one of the sneaky great pieces from RRL.  
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