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The knowles without a doubt looks way better on.  
Anyone know how the Boondocker boots are sized?  I wear a sz 11 in RW Iron Rangers 11.5 in White's SD  & 12 in sneakers.  There is a sz 11 available 
This would be cool but with some tweeking like wash & maybe a traditional hemp cotton  
Given my lard ass top block & the need of a 36 waist, skinny never works & straights with 9.5in hems bother the shit out of me.  Fricken bell bottoms man
 I think the fabric which is what got me is the reason for the lack of structure/cut.  It wears like sweatpants but I have some ideas for them either way
I am really digging these M.Grifoni pants I grabbed off Yoox.  The sweater like fabric is pretty nice & it looks that they dyed them with indigo that will age with wear makes them even better   http://www.yoox.com/us/36523577BN/item?dept=#sts=dreambox80&cod10=36523577BN&sizeId=   
Would love to see a pair of jeans with a buckleback or a chino made in that postal selvedge fabric currently used for the work shirt (Backed)      
Do we know the name of it or anything about it?  I have a knack for finding stuff 
TY,   Thanks to Etsy for her outfit.  I Love that site...I find great fabric & thread I use for some of the patching & sashiko repairs I started messing with.
 Stag has this   http://www.stagaustin.com/brands/rrl/rrl-lismore-deck-jacket-fw14.html
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