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This was the original WS we released 1st but has been tweaked a bit and is now called the Oregon 
Its def better as a overshirt bud.  
My Lawless Denim Japanese Dova 14 oz Workshirt with navy thread, marble white snaps.  This is my daily shirt I wear around the shop.  The denim on this is super rigid and stiff.  The indigo just falls off it and fast.                
 I am sure some of you have seen a few changes to the site.  That is all part of our eventually progression towards a ready to ship line.  We plan on creating a few designs that will be available in limited quantities when the time is right.  That will all happen once we are through the bulk of our orders so no worries with that interfering with wait times.    We have also added just about 7 new production employees including sewers and a cutter.   For customer service...
We are cutting and sewing orders 100-430 at the moment.  My own order 143 is already sewing.  I saw 2 of my shirts done.  I chose the Candiani ngine in the Montana and the Cone brown weft in the Sedona.  I ordered that Nov 2nd and it looks like it will be done soon.  I also have 3 other items in that order including another shirt and a pair of the Cone 15oz in a jean and shirt
Go to the site and hover over the men's tab till you get the drop down menu. Click on shirts which bring u to the shirts page. The photos of the styles at the top are click able. You will see each shirt in detail there
We are selling a handful of ready to ship items via the Lawless instagram page starting at 3pm MST.     Starting today January 31st at 3pm MST.  We will release each item 1 at a time.  There is a limited amount of items which include some jeans, shirts, bags and a few smaller accessories.  You will need to call in and be the 1st to get the item.  Each item will ship Monday February 2nd.  Sizing will be provided.   No returns on items purchased, items are as is.  These...
 Thats correct but it will make its way into other fabrics soon.  We love the square pockets on that and yes the khaki thread is my personal favorite with  indigo shirts especially when paired with the marble white snaps
Yes there will be a bit of lage between the 2.  Lets figure it out now so that your 1st order sets a precedence for the rest the Montana & Colorado simply have different pockets shapes.  I actually prefer the Colorado over the traditional pointed Western pockets
They are less money for their lack of custom options.  Our factory is not set up to make anything ahead of time due to how many orders are in production atm.  Eventually we will have a stocked line but thats a bit away
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