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  You do not know what I have offered up to anyone.  A lot of what I know is personal and some of it is common knowledge.  If a lawyer or anyone in law inforcement want to know what I know they can request me to speak to them BUT im not gonna blow a damn whistle on a forum..  I have said plenty for people to use and make up their own minds.    Just like Jocko I feel u are just hiding behind ur newly born 16 count name. .  Come out and play with the rest of us and if u did...
  I remember Jocko and that was an interaction with myself.  HE wasnt banned but suspended and never came back or atleast I never saw him again.  I am sure he got fed up and decided it wasnt worth it. As for the thread "I" requested to be put together, I wanted to help my fellow forum members out since "I" was part of LD.  Do I have to help anyone since I quit and ran as far as I could from LD...NO but as I said I thought I could help.  
No worries, take ur time.  I really like the LD chinos a lot.  TBH I like everything i own from LD.  My jeans are looking pretty good atm with my 14oz shirt also great.  I have a pair of the 16oz cones I washed before wearing em that will get some burn as soon as the AZ summer subsides.   Enjoy ur Chinos
Would love to see em on.  I tried on a pair in the shop which fit fine all around other than me not liking the 9 in hem that came with the straights 
I would tell them to give you a store credit to cover the full cost of the jeans you want.  So if u paid $35 but they now cost $98, u should get a $98 or atleast a discount code to bring the price down to your needs.  
Just do it and i will back whatever u say with confirmation lol
  Far worse than you can ever imagine.  
RTW is really ARTW
New Posts  All Forums: