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Yea some where in the line of this would have been ideal but minus the zipper bc that would have been to much   
Reminds?  Is but in a better fit 
Stop making your experience into something poetic.  If you bought Gustin because they were made in the same country or city as Levi's then you bought them for all the wrong reasons.  Its a busted seam not some secret conspiracy to get you to buy jeans that all along were going to be shit. .  I agree with you that you shouldnt be getting a busted anything but it happens & have to give any company a chance to fix it because if you dont you lose and all you get out of it is a...
Nothing as of yet.  The 1st round are due in November. 
 I bought them in the BST last week new.  They are not rigid at all & are very fluid if that makes sense. The denim looked unwashed but wore like a pair that has been broken in already.  With that said they will be a 2x a week pair & will be washed more than normal
  Italian Greenlines
Jay will you be getting the Tokushima Hand Dyed Natural Indigo jeans that are scheduled for the spring?  Apparently they will be limited to only a few pairs retailing at a astronomical $900 per pair.
OH MY that beautiful Victorias Secret model has a pimple....don't look at her she's ugly   But seriously I get why it may seam like a problem as it can lead a person on the fence abt Gustin away but Iv seen this many times before where a shirt or pant is listed online and when you click the colors the shirt stays put but the color is changed.  This is the same thing & not a big deal   Ex here...
I believe you can own a previous run of the HA & A16ers but have to email Gustin to be added
See I find that the differences from Large to XL are a bit much at times with RRL .  I have a few larges that fit me great but others I need XL in & they fit great.  This was def big so much that I have to tuck it in and fold the sides to give it a more fitted look. Yours fits perfect & as I hoped it would fit me. Either way it's a great shirt
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