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 Thats correct but it will make its way into other fabrics soon.  We love the square pockets on that and yes the khaki thread is my personal favorite with  indigo shirts especially when paired with the marble white snaps
Yes there will be a bit of lage between the 2.  Lets figure it out now so that your 1st order sets a precedence for the rest the Montana & Colorado simply have different pockets shapes.  I actually prefer the Colorado over the traditional pointed Western pockets
They are less money for their lack of custom options.  Our factory is not set up to make anything ahead of time due to how many orders are in production atm.  Eventually we will have a stocked line but thats a bit away
Nothing specific to that but we have some cool designs ready BUT need a few things cleared up in production before we do that.  
Note it when checking out.  Something like that is fine
      Roman Acevedo the owner of Lawless Denim answered some of the most commonly asked questions we get on a daily basis.  There is no perfect answer to how we will improve on production until its actually done.  We are moving forward and thats all I can really guarantee, well that and we are making some really great quality garments.   Thanks you for all your amazing patience and motivation.   Sal
LOL  I was actually on the phone with the guy yesterday for over an hour figuring out a few things.  He apparently likes jeans and western shirts.  Just so you know he agreed to take it a few at a time.  I may have been conservative with his orders because he actually has 8 orders in with more stuff.  Needless to say he is a Lawless believer who has already received a few things and keeps ordering.. I have been posting some finished product on my IG so feel free to make it...
Just a small update as to what is going on with our 2nd factory.  We are taking care of all the paper work for LA which requires a few things in order to have production done in Cali.  We will be in LA Tuesday and Wednesday for a few meetings with regards to the space.  This is not something that can happen over night but something that is #1 on our list to accomplish fast.  Once all the legal and paper work is done we can be set up pretty fast because of our proximity to...
The Candiani Raven is black warp with white weft
Some new fabrics up on the site now.  We added some lighter weight fabric great for the warmer months as well        
New Posts  All Forums: