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BUMP  Lots of great items here.     LVC 1947 JEANS SOLD
1 pair of USED Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Cubed cufflinks.   I purchased these a few years back in Bloomingdales.  Discontinued model and amazing when paired with a crisp white shirt.  Normal wear and tear but look great.  If you would like to see more photo's shoot me a pm or post here.  I do not have the case they came in originally.   Offers accepted      Original listing  --->   although I purchased them in store   BLOOMINGDALES PRICE   Salvatore Ferragamo...
I was naturally part of all this and can shed some light on it a bit.  Pages and pages of conspiracy theories is not healthy for any forum.  A person stating a personal experience is a different story.  There were people popping in to tell a story they manufactured out of their own thoughts.   Like why they think something happened. In court you cant just say what ever u want.   I know a forum is an open place to discuss a topic but when that open forum becomes full of...
Up Up Up you go.  Plenty of great items for sale here.  Offers accepted 
Id go with the 3 in the slims and 2 in the straights.  I have issues in the thigh area so i usually have to up size when wearing slims anyway.  The straights i typically size down because i am not one for big hems but with these up 2 is best
I know I am still doing the dance in my head if i should get em.  Def something you want to have
OK I cleaned out everything that has sold to clear things up a bit.    Prices have been dropped on everything.  Up Up Up you go
UP YOU GO  Still plenty of great items available.  Make me an offer.  Buy multiple and ill ship for free 
OAK STREET TRENCH BOOTS SOLD.  There is still plenty available including the jacket I have yet to officially post.  Please pm me if you are interested in anything
New Posts  All Forums: