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Good for u.  I think LD regardless of the obvious issues does a good job in comparison to the price they charge.  My jeans are great and after some washes fit without a belt perfectly.  Take away the wait time and a few personal reasons and I would buy all my jeans for the rest of my life from them
Forgot to mention they have about 6 months of wear in them.  3 maybe 4 months of no washes and then I started washing them 1 or 2 times a month from there
MY LD 15 oz Niphon Menpu Beige wefts 4 or 5 washes with 5 to 7 days wear weekly ,  I washed them like i do a tshirt or any other piece of clothing  
BUMP  Lots of great items here.     LVC 1947 JEANS SOLD
1 pair of USED Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Cubed cufflinks.   I purchased these a few years back in Bloomingdales.  Discontinued model and amazing when paired with a crisp white shirt.  Normal wear and tear but look great.  If you would like to see more photo's shoot me a pm or post here.  I do not have the case they came in originally.   Offers accepted      Original listing  --->   although I purchased them in store   BLOOMINGDALES PRICE   Salvatore Ferragamo...
I was naturally part of all this and can shed some light on it a bit.  Pages and pages of conspiracy theories is not healthy for any forum.  A person stating a personal experience is a different story.  There were people popping in to tell a story they manufactured out of their own thoughts.   Like why they think something happened. In court you cant just say what ever u want.   I know a forum is an open place to discuss a topic but when that open forum becomes full of...
Up Up Up you go.  Plenty of great items for sale here.  Offers accepted 
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