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I saw that.  Have you seen the 18.5oz with some wear?   I posted Roman's pair on my IG.  I like the aging process of these.  The color is pretty cool when it begins fading  FRONT BACK
Yes but maybe tell my wife that.  She just thinks I talk about denim all day and I magically get paid for doing nothing lol...WOMAN!!
Yes lets do it.  I already did actually.  You are set to go in ur 15.2 oz Cone mills Kevlar lined monsta's
Please message and I will square you up
 I am sure you liked the idea of having some heavy kick a*% denim over the kevlar.  I think if you really want some heavy denim because it makes you feel good inside, i'd of course go with the Cone 15.2.  for their perfect in between weight but you can also do the Kaihara 14 oz as well.  I would think the Kevlar will dominate the lighter denim and prevent any creases from really setting in. Kind of like if you wore sweatpants under ur jeans kinda thing if that makes any...
You can measure over your garment and give us those.  I would also let us know of certain areas you usually have tough times with. For instance my thighs are an issue and my shoulders as well.  If nothing out of the ordinary than just the measurements you come up with  We do all the expecting for the garment so no need for you.   Great question
Although 18.5 oz , they are very breathable and much differnt than even my 15 oz denim BUT with the Kevlar they will be quite SCHWETTY
I added some instructions on how to be added to the KS 50% off  for 5 year group in the Kickstarter messages page.  Please head over there if you backed the Lawless campaign,   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lawlessdenim/put-americans-to-work-making-heritage-jeans/comments
My Lawless Slim Straight Semi's in Niphon Menpu 15 oz with Military green pocket bags and Heritage pockets.  The vneck tee is also Lawless as well.  I like that the tee has longer short sleaves      
LAWLESS DENIM on Fox 10 in Arizona  http://www.fox10phoenix.com/clip/10947325/typad-lawless-denim.         I thought tv added 10 pounds not 30.  Can I be any plumper lol
New Posts  All Forums: