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This is what we are all waiting for.  I have items on order that will be held up by the KS orders but like you said I think we want Lawless to succeed more than anything because its going to be such a viable option for Heavy weight denim & with full customization to top it off
The Yelp reviews are alarming because thats all there is but most of them are from people who had issues with the amount of time it took to make the item which I can deal with.   I dont think they will have those issues especially since they now have over 50 people sewing.    No offence to the girl on Yelp who posted the review on her Denim jacket but with her chest size she doesn't belong wearing a short denim jacket like that let alone trying to button it .  I think it...
I have a few items being made including a pair of jeans & a work shirt so I have no direct experience with the products.  I do like that you can basically choose exactly what you want made & Roman will do it.  For instance I sourced some buttons & fabric for the lining of the pockets.     I don't know if its just me but I dig the idea that my purchases are being made specific to me unlike when you order a jean that came during a mass production which can go to anyone  ...
Thought id pull together what I own from RRL & etc.  I also have the waxed motorcycle jacket from Polo & a hand full of RRL accessories.    
These are 4characters fit pics in slim straight sz 34   
I don't think you dislike it because it wasn't what Steve McQueen or CPO's would wear but think maybe you just dont like the shirt.  Many brands label anything a CPO these days but thats because it is an attempt at making it their own.  You may or may not like it but its their concept , good or bad.  I mean should we all be wearing suspender/buckle back jeans bc Levi's 1st made them that way.
Yes the pockets maybe are 1 to many but I still think its a great piece.  
  I have bought 2 pairs of jeans from them.  1 for me & 1 for my wife.  They were not tagged but that was stated in the sale.  You can bargain with them as well. I ended up getting $50 off of the listed price.  They price things all over the place.  Sometimes you will find an item for $220 but then find the same item in same sz for $179 so look out for the lower price & bargain against that.  Jeans were perfectly fine & new.  
Yea some where in the line of this would have been ideal but minus the zipper bc that would have been to much   
Reminds?  Is but in a better fit 
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