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Anyone know the measurements or have seen the Bloomington carpenter's in person?  I am hoping they have a slim hem     http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=30439426
Have u guys seen these?  They popped up in the You may also like section but are not visible by search.??  Not all all my taste but thought cool none the less   http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=30874016        
Correct..just responding to RRL CLOTHING
There was also this very rigid chambray in med,large & Xl and some cardigans with cargo pockets & of the plain variety and pull over sweaters 
Yes they had 3 or 4 of them and this was the largest at 38.  The others were 30 & 32 which will fit fine considering u can adjust it as small as u want.  They had many others that were worthy as well.  The accessory store had this cute lil guy with cute lil girl jeans as its mgr which I got a kick out of.  He also allowed the coupon with NO code both days I was in there.  Give him a lil attention & he will take care of u     The Last Call store had some real gems & by...
The Mens stuff was at 50% off plus the 25% and then a 10% extra the store was adding on & the womans was 75% plus the other discounts.  If u are looking for a few things its def worth the trip but I also hit many other places to make the trip a total score.  I ended up spending around $1k which mostly went towards my wife as it was her birthday.  For me I grabbed a RRL belt that had a snake hook as the fastener, a RRL snap bill cap & a pair Black label tar coated jeans....
They had 1 pre distressed slim in sz 28-36.  The 25% off coupon def works but it required the manager to find a code to use in that code binder they have.  Took a few photos while I was there as well part of my get up & some guys uni brow I had to photo   
Not to many other than the cords and a handful mixed in. I'm heading back now so ill get a better look because yesterday I was doing quick hits of must haves .
Bunch of new stuff came in at woodbury today. 32 -36 buckle backs about 6 pairs and some sweaters. They also had these denim cargo pre distressed jeans iv never seen. Belts were in abundance as well as new bags. All this was brought out while I was there. They rearranged the back 2 walls. I bought my girl 2 pairs of jeans ..1 brown with a black dye to it and another pre distressed for $67 total. Sale is 50-75% lowest tagged plus the 25% coupon I posted. I'll get...
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