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Agreed its more of a shacket.  I do see what looks like pocket seams at the bottom of the shacket.   The enormous price tag also has me baffled even if it's a 1 of 100 made out of chambray that is likely 9 oz
I am loving the Limited Edition Indigo Jacket's simplicity.  Indigo thread and the fact that they left it unwashed is a win
Im a big fan of throat latches myself.  I like the look of it standing at attention when unbuttoned.  I was thinking of doing something that gave the impression of being a pullover where the placket came past the chest (bit longer than the popover) but had hidden buttons the rest of the way down.  Maybe done in some sort of engineer style shirt 
I have a reinforced workshirt I want to put in but it got the boot in the end because of the time it would take.  I will see what I can come up with over the next few days.  We plan on doing something every few weeks or so.  DO you have any requests you want to see
 Yup I like em.  That was my main reason to go to the factory this last trip.  Roman and I came up with the new shirts, the Huntsman jacket and the womans shirts and dresses.  We have the ability to turn ideas into reality quick because we draw up the designs, make the patterns and samples all in the same place.  We also have plenty more ready BUT we arent ready to put some of them out because of the time it would take to make some of the more difficult designs....
We actually pulled it to use for a few new designs like the womans dress which I thought would be nice for the ladies.  We can always get chambray fabrics.  We use Pacific Blue Mills alot and they have an enormous collection of fabrics to choose from.  On my next trip there I will pull some more
 let me check if they are still available.  I will also have em measured for you if they are still there Sal
 Hey bud, That is a great question and not something I personally have thought to think of.  We are honoring requests to cancel and refund regardless of time.  We understand the time it takes us to complete orders ATM will need special handling.  No customer has been denied a refund even if we completed the order and the item was completely custom.  Eventually that may change as we become quicker and consistent but for now we are doing above what most custom shops will...
Ok,   I have been posting this exact response to most wondering about turn times   "To break it down a bit.  There seams to be some up and down differences in how fast we move thru orders.  That all differs based on not only how many orders are ahead of you but how many items are in each of those orders.  You could have 10 orders ahead of you while the guy 10 orders below you has the same BUT you have 30 items in those orders while he has 18.  You will both experience...
I am flying out of AZ today in a hour to head back home in NY.  When i am settled in, kissed my wife and daughter I will gladly address everyones concerns.  I am even willing to speak with anyone who would like to on the phone for a Q&A.  Whomever is comfortable with that can report back to the forum.  Either way I need a few days as I haven't seen my family in weeks.  I will of course do my best to explain our plans in depth shortly     Sal
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